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What’s Maheeda?

Did you know that MHEDA is an association meant to serve all employees in a member organization? Traditionally, it has been the dealer principal, owner or most senior executive in a member company who takes advantage of the services available through MHEDA and is, in many cases, the person who decides what should be filtered down into his or her organization. Even MHEDA Board members acknowledge that they don’t always pass information and resources to employees in their companies—not because of an unwillingness to share, but because it’s not at the top of their to-do list.

It benefits you and MHEDA to “drill down” deeper into your organization by sharing MHEDA resources with your associates. Doesn’t it make sense for your employees to be aware of the training, education and industry-specific informational resources available to them through MHEDA? One way to get a quick glimpse of the variety of MHEDA services is to visit MHEDA’s Web site. One member uses a video presentation available on the site to introduce new hires to the industry. This 12-minute video is online 24/7 and is a quick way to present an overview of the material handling industry.

MHEDA Board Member Duncan Murphy took the “drill down” concept very seriously and wrote an article for his company’s newsletter. He said it better than we could. Here’s an excerpt:

MHEDA – maheeda. What is it?

MHEDA stands for Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, our industry association. The phonetic pronunciation rattles off the lips easily after understanding how the group supports us and how we can utilize their resources for our benefits.

Riekes has been a MHEDA member for over 40 years. Our activity has risen of late after Duncan Murphy was elected to the Board of Directors. What we haven’t done as a company is to fully communicate how the organization can benefit all of us. There are training and networking opportunities for everyone at Riekes Equipment. Here’s what MHEDA can do for you.

First of all, visit their Web site at www.mheda.org. There is a lot there. As you can see, there are monthly teleconferences on a range of topics. These offer a cost-effective way to gain insight on issues confronting us. All of these are a part of MHEDA U, a curriculum of training carefully designed to address the needs of distributors as identified by a thorough survey.

Communication is the key and MHEDA uses several channels to reach everyone in our organization. Twice a month, an electronic newsletter, The MHEDA Connection, is sent by e-mail on the latest happenings in the industry. There are always links to interesting sites and articles. Everyone at Riekes is welcome to contact MHEDA to add your name to the list. We receive a quarterly journal that is filled with valuable industry-specific articles. The next generation has their own newsletter some of you are receiving, called MHEDA Edge. The same rules apply; sign up now.

Communication becomes personal when you can network with your peers. MHEDA-NET is small groups of six to ten people from a variety of companies, all with similar job responsibilities. They meet by teleconference several times per year with a focused 60 minutes of sharing ideas, issues and solutions. Each of you is invited to become part of a group. The second best part of this, after the networking, is that it is free.

As a company, we save real money as a result of our membership. Affinity programs are group buying incentives that reduce our cost. First National Bank of Omaha offers a discounted credit card processing service through MHEDA. After we researched it, we found we could save over $15,000 a year. That amounts to ten years of MHEDA membership.

Some industry associations are barely visible. Ours is not. Riekes Equipment becomes stronger the more we are involved and when more members of our team use what MHEDA offers. Make sure you take advantage of the education and networking opportunities just waiting for you.

Thanks, Duncan, for that terrific testimonial! Note to all members: Be sure you invite your associates to get involved and participate in all that MHEDA offers. It’s all part of your maheeda membership!

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