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American Warehouse Systems On The Front Lines

“We do quite a bit of work overseas for the Department of Defense,” says Mark Juelich, director of American Warehouse Systems (Minneapolis, MN). The company manufactures its own pallet rack, which the military uses at permanent and temporary military bases all over the world, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. “There’s really not that many contractors willing to do work over there,” Juelich says. “But we have several long-term contracts with the Department of Defense, and we don’t mind doing that work. It’s good for us.”

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Juelich says most of the company’s military projects are sold by company salesperson Harlan Gillette or comes via the Internet. Either way, it’s proven to be a boon to American Warehouse Systems.

The photos below illustrate one of the company’s recent deliveries of pallet rack to Afghanistan. This particular order was for mobility storage. “Soldiers store their gear on it, but when they need to move quickly, it’s available right there next to their vehicles. They grab it, load it and leave,” Juelich says.

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