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5 Ways To Recruit Top Talent

By making just a few changes in the way you think and how you go about the recruiting processfor your material handling distributorship, you can pull out of the two toughest ruts: relying too heavily on past experience and waiting for potential employees to respond to your standard help-wanted ads.

Think of Hiring as a Constant
Even if you don’t have an empty position at the moment, develop a recruiting sxystem that involves taking at least one action per week toward finding and developing the best talent. This could mean calling a friend to ask if they would recommend anyone to add to your database of possible future hires, or perusing help-wanted ads to see which ones get your attention so you can capture the idea and work with it when you’re ready to write your own hiring ad.

Define Your Recruitment Goals
You don’t just want to hire someone. You want the right person. Think about what that means to you. What are the personality traits, skills and unique talents you want someone to bring to your company? Is flexibility extremely important in your organization? Is your company more receptive to people who like to shake things up or is adherence to policy and procedure a major concern for you? Do extremely outgoing and sociable people do well in your business, or do you need people who are more reserved and able to work independently much of the time? The better you understand your culture, the better you’ll be at recognizing the personality types that will succeed in your organization.

Define Your Recruiting Message
Are you effectively selling your company? A strong recruiting message will persuade someone to work for you. Ask yourself: Why would I want to work here? What can I say about my company that will make it stand out in the marketplace? Maybe you could try enticing strong candidates with perks like alternative work schedules. If you can’t afford top-level salaries, offer more in the way of vacation time, incentives and the best benefits you can afford. Now more than ever, employees are looking for companies that understand the need to balance a successful career with a rewarding personal life.

Determine Your Recruiting Strategies
Now that you know who you want and how to present your company as a place people really want to be, create a plan for getting the message out and finding the individuals you need. List the places you could look to find the person (check out the alternative recruiting sources below for ideas). In the past, what have been your best sources for finding the best people? What new sources can you use? Make your recruiting message visible. The more exposure, the better.

Consider Some Alternative Recruiting Sources
You don’t need to cut out the traditional recruiting resources such as newspaper and online help-wanted ads, but there are several unconventional sources you can also consider.

  • Attend and/or conduct job fairs.
  • Use your Web site to recruit for new employees.
  • Consider attending trade shows to discuss job opportunities with prospects informally.
  • Advertise on radio or cable television.
  • Use doorknob hangers to advertise in areas where you have or would like to develop material handling business.
  • Try a creative direct mail piece or giveaway at a convention.
  • Visit local college recruitment offices, local training schools and trade schools.
  • Try a classified ad in a college newsletter.
  • Place a material handling help-wanted ad in a trade association publication.

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