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Gold Medal Performer Andrew Vickery

Clearing Hurdles – “You must be able to communicate any kind of issue with the customer, be it your fault or not. Surprises can and should always be avoided through communication and honesty. It gets things moving faster in the beginning and also saves a lot of time at the end.”

A Winning Team – “At AHS, we always try to build a partnership with our customers. We strive to do the best for our customers even if it doesn’t benefit us. We try to determine their true needs versus what they might think they need. Everybody wants the Ferrari, but sometimes the Honda is a better fit. Andrew VickeryWe make sure they know that. We don’t want them to be stuck with a product they don’t need.”

Looking to the Future – “I want to keep growing in my role with the organization and manage even larger projects. Another goal of mine is to help support the growth of our industrial engineers.”

Going the Extra Mile – “With me, it has to do with personal pride. I want to make sure that anything I put my name, or the company’s name, on is successful. I take pride in striving for not just being successful, but for being the best out there.”

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