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Gold Medal Peformer Josh Smith

Going the Extra Mile — “I come to work every day with a great attitude ready to get from the day not through the day. I am always looking for areas where I can accept more responsibility. Whenever I’m given an assignment I do it quickly and try to get it back faster than expected and with more information than requested. My personal philosophy is ‘always go the extra mile.”

A Winning Team — “I’ve got a great team here that helps me get pricing and inventory details right away. That’s a huge thing for us. If we’re going to send information we want it to be accurate and we want it to get there in as timely a manner as possible.”Josh Smith

Clearing Hurdles — “I always accept 100 percent responsibility when something goes wrong. Then I do whatever it takes to fix the problem, even if it costs me time and the company money. If you’re not prepared to give a customer what they need right away, 5 or 10 other people will be knocking on their door trying to get the business.”

Looking Toward the Next Challenge — “My goal for the wholesale pallet division is to keep expanding even more. I want to be able to give the kind of service we provide here in Minnesota to customers in other states.”

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