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Gold Medal Performer Marty Mauser

Marty Mauser goldmedalLooking Toward the Next Challenge — “Right now I’m very happy with where I am. I can’t really think of any negatives whatsoever when it comes to my job. As far as goals go, I want to keep increasing my sales and making money for the company and myself.”  Marty Mauser

A Winning Team — “Here at Arnold Machinery, we have what we call a ‘Silver Service Plan.’ Basically, that involves our commitment to doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy. That is our focus here.”  

Clearing Hurdles — “Sometimes you can’t help what happens to a product between the manufacturer and the distributor. If a product is not satisfactory, we will go to the customer and find out what it takes to make them happy. Usually, it’s a discount, or in some rare cases, they want the product for free. We basically bite the bullet and give them what they want. As long as the customer is happy, we don’t worry about it.” 

Going the Extra Mile — “I always try to build a rapport with everyone and get on a first-name basis. In fact, I have quite a few customers I go fishing or hunting with pretty regularly.”

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