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15 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Career

A to-do list for 2009.

Perform an honest self-evaluation. Only you know if you are reaching your true potential. Sit down and rate yourself on 10-15 categories that affect your job performance. Then, act on them! Be satisfied with what you are doing well, and work like crazy to improve where you’re falling short.

Set a goal that you think is unreachable—then try to reach it. This year, throw caution to the wind and set a goal so ambitious that you’re not sure if it’s even possible. Aim high, and even if you fall short of your goal, you may be surprised by how much you accomplish.

Suggest a way your company could increase profits or become more efficient. Your boss is always looking for new ideas to increase profits increase efficiency. Be the star employee by identifying a few new ways to do this.

Talk to someone in a different department at your company. Learning someone else’s responsibilities can help you improve your job performance. Plus, the more you know about your company, the better qualified you’ll be for a promotion.

Ask your boss what you can do to improve your work performance. Seeking out constructive criticism will display your desire to grow as an employee. Just don’t forget to act on any suggestions your boss gives you.

Subscribe to a local business journal. National newspapers help you stay in the know, but local business news is just as important. Some cities’ business journals can be accessed at www.bizjournals.com.

Get active in industry forums. See what MHEDA members are talking about on the MHEDA Edge forums. Add your two cents, or start a new discussion about a recent hot topic.

Introduce yourself to the 2009 MHEDA President. At Convention, May 2-6, make a point to get some face time with 2009 President Duncan Murphy. And don’t be shy—he was in your shoes once, too!

Read industry publications cover to cover. Trade magazines are a great source of industry-specific news and information. Sit down and read the articles you’d typically skim through.

Seek advice from an executive in your industry. Next time you attend a business event, strike up a conversation with an industry heavyweight. Who better to learn from than those at the top of their game?

Go to lunch with a colleague you admire. In awe of your co-worker’s ability to meet deadlines? Impressed by his/her organizational skills? Pick your colleague’s brain over lunch and learn the secret to their success.

Take advantage of MHEDA’s free webinars. Check out MHEDA’s educational lineup for 2009 at www.mheda.org. It’s loaded with completely free sales training—an easy way to become better at what you do and, ultimately, make more money.

Join a MHEDA-NET group. No matter what challenge or circumstance you may encounter on the job, someone else has been there before. By networking with your industry peers, you can avoid mistakes by learning from those who have already dealt with similar circumstances.

Take a night class that will help you grow professionally. Sure, the local community college probably doesn’t have a course in material handling equipment sales. There are, however, countless courses that can help you grow as a professional. The best and the brightest never stop learning—neither should you!

Spend time after hours building camaraderie with your co-workers. Spend some time outside of work getting to know your colleagues. Not only will you have a good time, but you will strengthen relationships and build a fun, natural rapport that will translate to the workplace.

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