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The Next Generation

Scott Fawcett brings a fresh perspective to the family business.

At age 36, Scott Fawcett, vice president at Bode Equipment Company (Londonderry, NH), has done a little bit of everything in his material handling career. He started off at a young age helping out his father, Bode President Steve Fawcett, in the company’s warehouse. As he got older he took on more responsibility in the company, working briefly in the service department before moving to inside sales while attending college.

While attending school, Fawcett decided to pull himself out of the company and try his hand at an internship with a Tier-1 auto parts manufacturer. The internship worked out so well that after graduation, Fawcett was offered a position. He worked there for a short time before accepting an offer with Presto Lifts, a manufacturer of scissor lifts and stackers. Two years later, Presto was purchased and Fawcett’s position was relocated to Texas. Faced with the decision to either move or find another job, he decided to stay put.

Scott Fawcett and Mike Slide

Part of Scott Fawcett's (l) job as vice president at Bode Equipment is strategic planning with salespeople, including Mike Slide (r).

A short time later, Steve Fawcett approached his son and suggested a return to the family business. Scott agreed and quickly realized that Bode was where he belonged. He explains, “A family business is always a part of you.” Once back at Bode, his first role was in the outside sales department. He spent the next five years excelling in that department, ultimately earning a promotion to vice president.

Now Fawcett draws upon his diverse career experiences to help him succeed. “My early experience was great because it gave me a fundamental hands-on appreciation for the many aspects of running a business,” he says. Fawcett’s main responsibilities as VP are overseeing the sales force and occasionally filling in running the business when his father is out of the office.

A Unique Philosophy
As a manager, Fawcett believes in tailoring expectations to the individual instead of to a universal standard. “Somebody in their 40s may have different motivations than a 20-year-old does,” Fawcett explains. “I identify what drives each individual before I establish certain milestones and expectations.” He takes a similar approach with hiring. Instead of looking for a candidate based on blanket criteria, he looks for a person who will complement Bode’s existing staff. “I look at the strengths and weaknesses of our team, and then I try to find a candidate who will help balance out any weaknesses while reinforcing our strengths.”

This attention to the individual helps form Bode’s culture, and it is something Fawcett takes a great deal of pride in. “When I’m outside the office and I hear someone mention how good a place Bode is to work, it means a great deal to me,” he says. “It’s a direct reflection of what my father and the rest of my family have built here.”

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