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wikiMHEDA Goes Live May 4

An interactive encyclopedia, daily news, spec sheets and more

wikiMHEDA screen shotWhere do you go for in-depth information on the equipment, services and practices you use every day? If you travel farther than the distance from your desk chair to your computer monitor, you are going too far.

MHEDA is pleased to introduce wikiMHEDA, a new online information portal available to all association members. Located at www.wikiMHEDA.org, the Web site features a comprehensive collection of material handling terminology, videos, white papers, spec sheets, industry news and even a searchable buyers guide. wikiMHEDA is your new one-stop shop for material handling information.

What Is a Wiki?
The term “wiki” originates from a Hawaiian word meaning “quickly.” First developed in 1994, wikis are broadly defined as collections of Web pages which may be edited by anyone.

Created for You and By You
wikiMHEDA is a comprehensive source of industry knowledge and information. Its expansive nature is derived from its user-driven content. Every wiki page—more than 1,100 and counting—is open to peer review and edit. Are you a conveyor expert? Log on and share your knowledge with the rest of the industry. Users are free to edit articles and add new topics. You’re the expert—you decide what is published. Unlike other industry resources, wikiMHEDA is more than a simple glossary of terms. Wiki pages offer detailed information on any given topic, along with pictures, diagrams, video links, charts and tables to enhance the user experience. If you feel like something is missing from a page, it is easy to log on and add it. Active participation leads to more accurate and complete information, so log on and dive in.

Multimedia Resources
wikiMHEDA is so much more than a wiki. Video product demos, informative spec sheets, educational white papers, an extensive buyers guide and even the latest industry news, updated daily—wikiMHEDA puts it all at your fingertips.

A daily news vehicle for the entire industry, Headlines include information about distributors, suppliers and end-users throughout North America. Updates are added Monday-Friday so you never miss a beat.

MHEDA TV takes you right to the source to see the latest technological innovations in action. Browse videos from a wide variety of categories and determine which products best fit your operation.

White Papers and Spec Sheets
White Papers are updated frequently to share best practices and provide thorough explanations of common business challenges. Detailed product Spec Sheets keep you informed on the industry’s latest offerings and are linked to an e-mail address and Web site.

Buyers Guide
Networks of local distributors and suppliers are just a click away. Companies can be searched by category, location and name.

News To Use
wikiMHEDA offers easy access to recent news about new product releases and important company marketing initiatives.

Why Wiki?
Networking and education are two of the most important reasons you became a MHEDA member. wikiMHEDA offers quick and easy research and continuing education, and leverages the collective knowledge of the entire MHEDA membership. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into this extensive online learning community from the comfort of your computer. Be sure to visit wikiMHEDA at www.wikiMHEDA.org when it goes live May 4, 2009!

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