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Merging Marketing And Multimedia

Eric Brunkow mixes technical savvy with marketing know-how.

Eric Brunkow joined Bastian Material Handling (Indianapolis, IN) in January 1996, just as the online multimedia wave was beginning to swell. Now, 13 years later, Brunkow and Bastian Material Handling (BMH) are still riding that wave with no signs of slowing down.

Brunkow was first introduced to the company while interning with one of BMH’s business partners. At that time he was attending Purdue University pursuing a degree in technical graphics. After the internship ended and Brunkow had completed his degree, BMH President Bill Bastian II didn’t forget about him. Bastian felt the time was right for the company to make a foray into the world of multimedia and gave Brunkow a call.

Eric Brunkow

For Eric Brunkow, senior multimedia and video editor at Bastian Material Handling, it's as much about marketing as it is IT.

Growing with the Technology
At first, Brunkow was BMH’s only multimedia staffer. He spent the bulk of his time creating marketing materials like interactive CD presentations and systems design illustrations. As the amount and sophistication of available technology increased, so did the size and scope of BMH’s media and marketing department. It now boasts eight employees, including two designers located in Bangalore, India, who enable BMH to get work done practically around the clock.

With increased staff and increased technology comes increased responsibility, and BMH’s marketing department is now charged with a growing number of tasks. Brunkow spends a considerable portion of his time creating 3-D models, renderings and animations for proposals and case studies. “These items are very valuable when it comes to making sales presentations,” says Brunkow. “Often a CEO or CFO will not completely understand 2D AutoCAD drawings, but if we are able to present them with an illustration of the system, the solution they are getting becomes much clearer.”

Also on Brunkow’s plate is the responsibility for cultivating Bastian’s ever-expanding online video library. “I would estimate that we have close to 100 videos scattered throughout the BMH Web site,” he notes. These videos are all produced in-house with Brunkow overseeing the entire process that includes acquiring the raw video, editing the video, writing a script, outsourcing the voiceover work and compiling the finished product.

Brunkow often ventures into the world of streaming video. “We’re very involved with producing webcasts,” says Brunkow, who estimates that his department produces one educational webcast per quarter for BMH’s customers, as well as monthly case study and job training presentations for BMH employees.

The Payoff
Achieving the ideal Web presence is what drives Brunkow. With technology developing at an ever-more-rapid pace, it takes a unique level of knowledge and dedication for a material handling company to stay on top. That is why Brunkow takes such pride in what BMH’s media and marketing department has accomplished. “In the marketing world, it’s all about name recognition,” he says. “So when someone on the other side of the world has heard of Bastian Material Handling through our Web site or our videos and is interested in asking for our help in solving their problems, that’s very rewarding.”

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