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Meet A Young Leader: August 2009

Chris GalvanRisk leads to reward.

There wasn’t anything spectacular about the binder that was sitting on the desk of Philip Miner, chairman of The Miner Corporation, when Chris Galvan, a 26-year-old Service Manager with the company, walked in. It was just an ordinary folder with the word “Phoenix” written across the cover. As Galvan casually asked Miner about the contents of the folder, he completely changed the course of his career.

A Big Decision
As it would turn out, Miner was looking to open an office in Phoenix. The market was oversaturated and the competition had become complacent. With a commitment to service, Miner saw an opportunity to carve out a big chunk of the market. He asked Galvan if he was interested in the project. The answer was a resounding yes. Within two months Galvan was in Arizona calling on customers.

It wasn’t long before the newly christened Miner Southwest was thriving and Galvan’s fingerprints were all over it. “I was confident in our ability to satisfy the customer,” explains Galvan, “In fact, I would tell them, ‘If you aren’t happy, don’t pay us.’ I’m happy to report we were always paid.”

 In 2004 Galvan saw another opportunity developing. “While I was in Arizona, we opened 3 new offices and had plans for more. There was a need for a guy like me to establish consistency in our processes and the way we marketed ourselves,” says Galvan. He returned to Texas to help fuel the company’s growth on a more global level, earning his current title of Director of Service Operations.

Commitment to Service
Currently, Galvan oversees service operations for all six of Miner’s distributorships. One of Galvan’s priorities is ensuring that the company’s service personnel are always doing things “the Miner way.” He explains “It all starts from a solid foundation of core values— practicing the golden rule, living by the code of honor, doing what’s in the customer’s best interest and Being candid and professional, these are posted throughout all of our offices.” This honesty and commitment to customer service gives our employee’s reason to believe in Miner and our people drive our success.”

From Arizona to Florida and everywhere in between, these principals and processes have been the foundation for Galvan’s success starting, building and sustaining Miner’s service teams.

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