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Top 10 Values From Your MHEDA Membership

It seems like yesterday that I attended my first MHEDA Board meeting on a snowy Chicago weekend in 2002. Eight years later, I am honored to begin my term as MHEDA President. Morrison Industrial Equipment Company became a member in 1958, so MHEDA has been in my vocabulary a long time, even before I began my career in the family business. I recall hearing about the great Conventions in warm destinations and occasionally seeing the MHEDA magazine lying around on a coffee table. I am the third generation at our company, and second generation MHEDA president following my uncle, 1979 MHEDA President Jack Morrison. I have been fortunate enough to learn from my family and other MHEDA members, now friends, all the benefits that MHEDA membership offers.

In keeping with the “10” theme of this issue, I’ve compiled my own Top 10 list. As I embark on my year as president, I hope this Top 10 list gets you as excited as I am about the value of your MHEDA membership! In no particular order, the Top 10 benefits of MHEDA membership:

Education. MHEDA University can be adapted to any schedule and budget. These industry-specific live events, webinars and online training modules are facilitated by seasoned professionals and MHEDA members. I have attended many MHEDA U events, several as a featured speaker.

Convention. MHEDA purposely selects a destination where there is a perfect balance of work and play. Convention offers enriching educational workshops and inspirational keynote speakers. The Exhibitors’ Showcase provides a great one-on-one opportunity to meet with valued Supplier/Associate members. Plus, the nightly dinners are wonderful networking opportunities and fun social events.

Publications. The MHEDA Journal is complete with timely industry information, valuable member feedback and informative articles to help keep your business running smoothly and profitably. The MHEDA Connection, the twice-monthly e-newsletter, keeps everyone informed of MHEDA activities and breaking industry news. MHEDA Edge is designed to help the young professional with career advice from industry mentors and peers.

Web Sites. The MHEDA Web site is the go-to place for the latest association information, including industry events and market data. Link to wikiMHEDA directly from the home page for updated news and terminology. Both sites are excellent tools to orient new hires in your organization.

Benchmarking. Nearly half of all MHEDA distributors participate in the Distributor Statistical Comparison Report (DiSC Survey). Every other year, MHEDA conducts the Employee Compensation Report so members can remain competitive with their hiring practices. These are free services for all distributors.

Discount Programs. Whether for freight, credit card processing services or discounted lift truck data, MHEDA’s affinity programs provide discounts which, often, more than pay for your dues.

Ask Your Board. As a Board Member, I am lucky to have regular access to these professional experts. You do, too. Go to the MHEDA Web site and pose a question. You’ll be amazed and appreciative for the advice you receive.

MHEDA-NET. Take advantage of this free MHEDA service designed to connect you with industry peers who share your same challenges.

Industry Advocacy. MHEDA promotes the value of distributors to all industry stakeholders—the primary mission of this association.

Friendships. My family and I have made lasting connections with members we have met during MHEDA events. These have become not only fruitful business contacts but also lifelong friendships.

Material Handling Equipment Distributors Associtation
Greg Morrison
2010 MHEDA President
Morrison Industrial
Equipment Company

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