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Meet The 2010 Board Of Directors

10 Directors + Executive Committee + Advisory Board = MHEDA’s 2010 Board

MHEDA’s 2010 Board of Directors might balk at the idea of being viewed as superheroes, but in some ways that’s just what they are—a band of successful businesspeople from across the country who have voluntarily joined forces to lead the association through another year of challenges and successes, both big and small.To help MHEDA members get to know the board a little better, we asked the 10 incoming directors, the five-member Executive Committee and two advisors the following questions:

  • What unique skill do they bring to the Board?
  • If they could use their powers to change one thing about the industry, what would it be?
  • What strength does each rely on most to manage his or her companies?
  • When confronted with a challenge, what is the first thing they do?
  • What superhero power does each wish he or she possessed?

Here is what they said.

Greg Morrison

Greg Morrison, MHEDA President
Vice President
Morrison Industrial Equipment Company (Grand Rapids, MI)

Unique Skill: Thinking outside the box. MHEDA’s theme this year is “The Rules Have Changed,” and it’s very important to think differently than even a year or two ago.

Industry Change: More awareness in the general population of what material handling is about, which is why MHEDA’s Industry Advocacy Committee is so important.

Management Strength: Integrity. Adhering to our company business values has been a key factor in our long-term success.

Confront Challenge: Behind every challenge lies an opportunity. I look for opportunities in how to best take care of our customers.

Superpower: It would be cool to teleport myself and my entourage. Want to go to Hong Kong for dinner tonight?


Chuck Frank

Chuck Frank, MHEDA President-Elect
AHS Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)

Unique Skill: I will focus my energies on the engineered systems segment with an eye on the economic turnaround.

Change Industry: All distributors, integrators and manufacturers would respect the value, knowledge and capital spent on services we provide. We would do a better job educating our customers on our value versus the focus on commodity buying.

Management Strength: Communicating with our customers and business partners.

Confront Challenge: Get with the appropriate team members and discuss the situation, make sure we have all the facts, and establish an action plan on how to address the challenge.

Superpower: Mind-reading. Having the visibility to what our customers are thinking would allow me to align our resources to accommodate their needs.

Jerry Weidmann
Jerry Weidmann, MHEDA Vice President
Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. (Brookfield, WI)

Unique Skill: The ability to think outside the box. The economy of today brings challenges that did not exist yesterday. Tomorrow’s success will not look like the success of prior years.

Change Industry: Increase market awareness of the value of our industry.

Management Strength: Sound business judgment. Success is built on many small decisions made along a strategic path. Applying sound business judgment to small decisions yields big results.

Confront Challenge: Quickly assess the challenge. The key to changing a challenge into an opportunity is understanding the nature of the challenge, determining alternative courses of action and acting expeditiously and effectively to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Superpower: The ability to see the future. If I knew the future, my decisions and results would be incredible. It wouldn’t hurt for investing or gambling either.

Richard Donnelly
Richard Donnelly, MHEDA Treasurer
Executive Vice President
Gregory Poole Equipment Company (Raleigh, NC)

Unique Skill: I oversee all the funds and securities of the association and review the budget against what’s actually taking place in revenues and expenses.

Change Industry: We need to be quit being looked at as a commodity business by our customers. We’re not just providing products, we’re providing solutions.

Management Strength: I’m not a micromanager. I work with my managers to strategically identify where we want to go and then get out of the way.

Confront Challenge: I try not to overreact. Then I bring in a group of key managers and let them be part of the decision-making process.

Superpower: To be able to provide a cure for cancer. It has affected so many people’s lives that I’d like to combat that.

Duncan Murphy
Duncan Murphy, MHEDA Immediate Past President
Riekes Equipment Company (Omaha, NE)

Unique Skill: A broad vision of the marketplace. I am now one of the old guys who have seen it all, but I remain one of the first to jump in with the kids (just ask my nieces and nephews).

Change Industry: Change the focus on the part of customers, distributors and manufacturers to long-term benefits and not just short-term easy price comparisons.

Management Skill: The capability to mix the human element with operational needs. This allows the direction chosen to be one of consensus after a bit of selling the preferred outcome.

Confront Challenge: After stubbing my toe on snap decisions, I realized I needed to take a deep breath first, analyze the issue or opportunity, and then act quickly and decisively.

Superpower: The ability to go back in time, but only for a few seconds. This would keep me from changing much but enough to correct little mistakes and hurts that we all regret.

Brad Baker
Brad Baker, MHEDA Director
Vice President/Treasurer
Cardinal Carryor (Louisville, KY)

Unique Skill: The first year on the Board is a learning process. Hopefully in my second year, I will be able to have more answers than questions.

Change Industry: Have our industry present itself as more attractive to young professionals and technicians. Our future is our youth.

Management Strength: I rely on the ability to recognize and employ the talents of others in the organization.

Confront Challenge: Make sure I know all the facts. Then I rely on the skill sets of those best equipped to help achieve the objective.

Superpower: I’d travel as fast as a speeding bullet. That way there would be more time to get work done and enjoy life.

John Faulkner
John Faulkner, MHEDA Director
FMH Material Handling Solutions (Denver, CO)

Unique Skill: My personal selling skills will add value to the Membership Committee.

Change Industry: There would be a level of basic education and certification before anyone was allowed to quote material handling products.

Management Strength: My main strength is to always treat employees and customers they way I would want to be treated.

Confront Challenge: I pause before I take action. Jumping the gun often causes problems and bad communication.

Superpower: Given all the travel I do, the ability to fly would be a convenience.

Steve Fawcett
Steve Fawcett, MHEDA Director
Bode Equipment Company (Londonderry, NH)

Unique Skill: I can empathize with the problems of very small companies and advise them on survival points.

Change Industry: Improve the integrity of the manufacturer/distributor relationship.

Management Strength: Trust in the people I work with. I have a number of good, hard-working people whose skills I trust to make sound decisions. I am rarely disappointed by their decisions.

Confront Challenge: Analyze the problem and create the solution.

Superpower: Super-intelligence. I wouldn’t have to work as hard.

Scott Hennie
Scott Hennie, MHEDA Director
Vice President/General Manager
Hy-Tek Material Handling (Cleveland, OH)

Unique Skill: There is such a diverse and talented pool that I don’t know if I can bring anything unique. I will try to provide benefit and value to the membership and other board members.

Change Industry: I would make it so people outside the industry know what material handling is!

Management Strength: Open communication.

Confront Challenge: Get all parties together and listen to what each has to say.

Superpower: The ability to read minds so that I could know what someone is really thinking.

Mark Juelich
Mark Juelich, MHEDA Director
Executive Director
American Warehouse Systems/Toyota-Lift of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)

Unique Skill: I am a big proponent of educating our members on current marketing strategies and getting the highest ROI from their advertising budgets.

Change Industry: Create a greater cohesion between the industrial truck, storage & handling, and engineered systems segments.

Management Strength: The team of individuals with whom I work is the true strength of American Warehouse Systems.

Confront Challenge: Get advice from the team, then take it on.

Superpower: Teleportation. I wouldn’t have to spend so much of my time in airplanes.

Kevin Katona
Kevin Katona, MHEDA Director
DACO Corporation (Kent, WA)

Unique Skill: I’m pretty good at problem-solving. A lot of things come my way in the course of the day, and whenever there’s a challenge, there are many solutions.

Change Industry: I wish we had a better name for it. You tell most people that you’re selling material handling equipment and you get a blank stare.

Management Strength: I’m an eternal optimist. Every day we’re faced with challenges, and I don’t ever get beaten down by that.

Confront Challenge: My mind starts running immediately, wondering all the possible ways to fix it. I’m exploring those options and trying to come to a resolution quickly.

Superpower: I’d love to be able affect people’s outlook on life, to get people to see things positively rather than negatively.

Scott Lee
Scott Lee, MHEDA Director
Conveyor Solutions (Schaumburg, IL)

Unique Skill: As chair of the Networking Committee, we’re going to re-evaluate how we can give both manufacturer and distributor members what they want from networking and social media.

Change Industry: We’d quit giving away our expertise and commoditizing our product. We would be compensated for all the value we add.

Management Strength: Keeping a level head and maintaining a stable emotional IQ in the exciting times and the down times.

Confront Challenge: I’d determine what the reward is on the other side of that challenge and decide if it’s worth it. What price do I have to pay to get through that challenge?

Superpower: The ability to stop time so that I could take a nap without losing ground to anybody else.

Mark Milovich
Mark Milovich, MHEDA Director
Lift Atlanta (Decatur, GA)

Unique Skill: Insight. I look at issues from every angle that may affect what is being worked on, even if it is something very remote. Always ask, “What if” and follow it with “then how….”

Change Industry: The view of the importance of market share. Too often the pressure to obtain market share goals comes at the expense of profit margins.

Management Strength: Dedication. For all its difficulties, this is a fun and unique industry to be in. I’ve been around lift trucks since age six and cannot picture myself doing anything else.

Confront Challenge: Try to gain all the facts. A great deal of mistakes and unwanted outcomes can result from judging too quickly.

Superpower: To be able to transform into the shape of anything, a la the Wonder Twins from the old cartoons.

Steven Strifler
Steven Strifler, MHEDA Director
Cisco-Eagle (Dallas, TX)

Unique Skill: I will focus on marketing the benefits of membership and push the value of membership to our end-user customers.

Change Industry: Everyone would establish price based upon the value that the equipment provides the customer instead of simply putting a margin on top of cost.

Management Strength: Establishing objectives and parameters and allowing associates to determine the actions that they will take, within the parameters, to achieve the objective.

Confront Challenge: Listen.

Superpower: The ability to fly. I hate going through security, waiting for planes that sometimes never arrive. It is all such a huge waste of time and energy.

Colleen Wright
Colleen Wright , MHEDA Director
Quality Forklift Sales and Service (Shakopee, MN)

Unique Skill: My area of responsibility at my company is finance and administration. As a member of an excellent management team, I will bring those skills to the board.

Change Industry: We need to continue to educate and promote the varied opportunities for a career in our industry.

Management Strength: The team approach at our company allows each of us to use our unique talents to serve our customers, co-workers and our company.

Confront Challenge: Analyze and understand each element of the challenge. How will this impact our customers, our employees and our ability to reach our company goals?

Superpower: The ability to teleport would be great!

Jack Phelan
Jack Phelan, MHEDA Advisory Board
TriFactor Distribution Solutions (Lakeland, FL)

Unique Skill: Experience. If the Board considers doing something that has been discussed in the past, I can then share why previous directors did or did not do something.

Change Industry: I wish all companies could enjoy more prosperous times.

Management Strength: A combination of common sense and logic.

Confront Challenge: I analyze the situation, consider the alternatives and proceed forward to address the issue as planned.

Superpower: The ability to read minds. This certainly would have made my sales career a lot easier!

John Cosgrove
John Cosgrove, MHEDA Advisory Board
Atlantic Handling Systems ( Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ)

Unique Skill: This will be my final year on the Board after serving for 10 years. I now have a unique understanding of the Board’s strategic planning process.

Change Industry: I would increase margins so that dealers would be paid at a fair rate for the services we provide.

Management Strength: I try to be well-balanced and stay on an even keel.

Confront Challenge: Take a step back and do an analysis of what has to be done, and then put together a plan of attack.

Superpower: I would like to be able to fly like Superman! That would help me to avoid all of the New Jersey traffic jams I’m always stuck in.


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