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MHEDA Support Has Not Changed

As a longtime MHEDA member, fellow distributor and now your association’s president, I find it pertinent to discuss the economic crisis that has affected many of our members. Like many of you, Morrison Industrial Equipment Company has had to make some difficult adaptations to the way we function in order to stay profitable. During times of financial hardship, it is only natural to search for extraneous spending in your company’s budget. However, it is also necessary to consider the importance of your relationship with your fellow material handling distributors.

We understand that your company contains all the aspects of a family. It’s a collective of different individuals with a united interest working together toward success. I hope you see MHEDA and its members as part of your company’s extended family. Regardless of location, we all have a common goal of providing the most quality products and outstanding services to our customers. Although we are apart for much of the year, annually we reunite to discuss the changes and transitions that have occurred since we last met. Convention is a great forum to interact with fellow members who are simultaneously experiencing the same adversities.

But MHEDA’s support extends far beyond our annual weekend “family reunion.” With MHEDA, your company becomes more than just a name and a logo; you’re part of an organization whose sole aim is to enhance the vitality our of members’ enterprises.

MHEDA offers many great learning, networking and benchmarking opportunities that you can access from the comforts of your office. We have 20 webinars scheduled in 2010, which means there are 20 different ways to improve your company’s operations in the areas of sales, marketing, parts, service, customer relationship building and more. Each of these webinars is easily accessible through your telephone and computer and is available for unlimited participants in your company. Visit www.mheda.org for a complete list.

Networking is another important aspect of your membership. You can now network with your peers via MHEDA’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages and, of course, through MHEDA-NET. All of these networking resources are free and allow you to meet others who face the same daily challenges.

Benchmarking is more important now than ever before. This spring, MHEDA is publishing two reports to help you see how your company compares. The Distributor Statistical Comparison Report (DiSC Report) and Employee Compensation Report will both be available in April 2010. Both are free to participating members.

2010 MHEDA President Greg Morrison can be reached at 616-361-2673 and by e-mail at ggm@morrison-ind.com.

During times of tribulation, it’s important to remember that there is strength in numbers. As a member of MHEDA, you can rely on us and our members to offer your company congratulations on a job well done and supportive suggestions in moments of confusion and despair. Although this year’s Convention may have a tone leaning toward sustainability compared to expansion, together we’ll brainstorm positive and proactive solutions to improve the state of our industry. I’ve always been a firm believer in MHEDA membership, and now more than ever is the time to prove the true meaning of our organization’s purpose.

As the great business philosopher and wannabe forklift salesman Peter Drucker once stated, “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

One could say that active MHEDA members continue to improve and succeed during the many challenges we face.

Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
Greg Morrison
  2010 MHEDA President

Morrison Industrial
Equipment Company

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