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wikiMHEDA Celebrates Significant Milestone

It’s amazing how fast time can fly by. Though it seems like only weeks ago, this month marks the one-year anniversary of wikiMHEDA’s launch at MHEDA’s 54th Convention in Palm Desert, CA. The launch was met with great fanfare and excitement, creating a buzz among the event’s many attendees. Now, one year since the launch, wikiMHEDA continues to thrive. Its robust library of white papers, videos, spec sheets and product news is proving to be a popular source of information for people in all levels of the industry. The Breaking News section has seen nearly 1,000 headlines posted since its launch. It has become the go-to resource for the latest industry information. All told, in just under a year of operation, the site has seen a whopping 1,786,577 page views—not a bad rookie year.

Since the launch, wikiMHEDA has continued to expand. Its collection of industry terms has ballooned to an impressive 1,617 entries. Additionally, its first year saw the launch of wikiMHEDA Twitter and Facebook pages. Every single day, the wiki editors are blasting the social Web with headlines, announcements and observations about the association and the industry.

The Future
Moving toward its sophomore season, wikiMHEDA stands poised to continue its growth. Massive internal SEO efforts are moving the wiki up in the search rankings every day and visitors continue to increase in number. The wikiMHEDA staff is working around the clock to make sure that the wiki is the industry’s best and most prominent source for information.One thing is for certain, wikiMHEDA has a distinct advantage over other industry sites—the MHEDA membership. It’s the MHEDA members who have truly made wikiMHEDA’s first year a success. To those of you who have edited terms, contributed news items, submitted videos, white papers or spec sheets, or helped out in any other way, the wikiMHEDA staff thanks you. It is your effort and steadfast support that ensures a bright future for wikiMHEDA, the association and the industry. 

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