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Take A Material Handling Vacation

The material handling vacation destination series is back!

Last summer, MHEDA Edge brought you behind-the-scenes looks at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, Walt Disney World in Orlando and the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas. This year, we’re back with more, but it’s up to you to help us out.

Introducing the MHEDA Edge Material Handling Road Trip contest! It’s summertime, so we’re going to the ballpark.

Before we get to the ballpark in July, we have two material handling destinations to hit this month, courtesy of Mike Calvert, project manager at Autoquip Corporation. First is SeaWorld in San Diego, California, where a special, 6,000-lb. capacity lift is used in the sea lion shows “Sea Lions Tonite” and “Clyde and Seamore’s Risky Rescue.”

The shows are performed on a two-level stage. The upper level is several feet above the water tank, and sea lions Clyde and Seamore are elevated to the top level with a custom-designed automated lift. The lift has a platform that is 72 in. wide by 96 in. long and travels a total of 96 inches. Placed on a special stand, the total raised height is 120 inches. The lift is enclosed in acrylic glass so that spectators can see inside it. During the show, the lift lowers back down and becomes part of the floor. When the show is finished, Clyde and Seamore are lowered back down to sea level in the machine.

Did You Know???

• SeaWorld was originally conceived as an underwater restaurant by four UCLA graduates. The park opened in 1964 and hosted more than 400,000 visitors during its first year.
• SeaWorld is owned and operated by Busch Entertainment Corporation, who also runs Busch Gardens, Sesame Place, Adventure Island and Discovery Cove.
• A male California sea lion can grow up to eight feet long and 1,000 pounds. Females can be up to five feet long and 220 pounds.
• In captivity, sea lions can live to be 31 years old.  The oldest wild sea lion on record was 17.
• Sea lions can swim 20 miles per hour.

The second stop on our June tour is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The zoo’s African Rift Valley is home to a herd of 19 reticulated giraffes. To give visitors a closer look at the giraffe habitat, a pedestrian drawbridge was installed and landscaped to look like its surroundings. At 144 in. wide and 101 in. long, the lift was a standard design modified with attachments for walkway railings. The 20,000-lb. capacity steel bridge divides the pen into two sections when at rest. The push of a button activates the hydraulic power unit to make the lift hinge upward out of the way and allow clearance for the giraffes to walk between the exhibit areas. When finished, the lift returns to its normal position and becomes a span for visitors to walk across.

About The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

• The only mountain zoo in the United States, it is situated on 146 acres at an elevation of 6,800 feet.
• The zoo is home to more than 750 animals representing 142 species from around the world, over 32 of which are classified as endangered or threatened.
• Giraffes can grow up to 18 feet tall and are only naturally found in Africa.
• Like fingerprints, every giraffe’s markings are unique.

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