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The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian phrase “wiki wiki,” meaning “super fast.” Time flies when you’re having fun—so my term as 2010 MHEDA President flew by at a “wiki wiki” pace. Life, business and family all seem to move at “wiki wiki” speed.

Today, “wiki” is now a household word, but I first learned the phrase in the mid-1970s on a Hawaiian surfing adventure with two high school buddies. To support our surfing lifestyle, we obtained employment at Dole picking pineapples. The plantation crew leader encouraged us with the same two words repeated seemingly all day, “wiki wiki.” While it only lasted a few short months, surfing and picking pineapples resonates today as one of many fond life experiences.

Serving as the MHEDA President this past year has been an extremely rewarding professional experience. It has provided me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with many invigorating members of our industry’s community.

This year, Greg Morrison addressed the value of being a MHEDA member, Convention and networking. His columns are archived at https://www.themhedajournal.org/.

A highlight of the past year is the growth of wikiMHEDA, the online information database for the material handling industry. Our continued goal is to help create the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute industry resource on the Web. With detailed descriptions for close to 1,800 industry terms and an astounding 30,000 visits per month, wikiMHEDA has expanded in a way we could not have imagined a year ago. However, wikiMHEDA is being utilized by more than just our organization’s members. Consumers of material handling products—our customers—are discovering our site and hopefully learning the benefits of doing business with a MHEDA member distributor.

2010 also marked the launch of MHEDA entering the social networking arenas of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All are further proof of MHEDA’s dedication to networking among industry peers. MHEDA’s Industry Advocacy Committee worked closely with MHIA and, specifically, CICMHE, the College-Industry Council on Material Handling Education, to bring 150 students and academic professors to the NA 2010 Show in Cleveland for “Material Handling & Logistics Classroom Day,” an event designed to foster a greater appreciation and awareness of the material handling industry and the many types of career path opportunities. Our future depends on the new talent we cultivate today.

A Look Back
Serving on the MHEDA Board would not have been possible without the generous support of my wife Barbara, my children Chelsea, Madeline and Dexter, and my dog Charlie. A debt of gratitude is also owed to my colleagues at Morrison Industries for their extra support during my time out of the office attending MHEDA functions.

With the end of my presidential term, I now take on the role of a MHEDA Board Advisor and will serve on the Member Advocacy Committee. My exposure will be less visible, but my commitment and involvement with the association will remain as strong as ever. It is important to note that the MHEDA Board is truly committed to the MHEDA mission: To further improve the proficiency of Material Handling Distributors in order that they continue to be the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace and to be a resource to all industry stakeholders. While serving as MHEDA President, I had the privilege of driving the bus, but it was my fellow Board members, the MBOA, the Data Key team and the fabulous MHEDA staff who made it all happen.

Don’t let me forget to tell you it was a lot of fun. You cannot imagine all the hard work these great people put into making our association one of the best trade organizations. MHEDA is held in the highest regard among other trade organizations, as evidenced by the counsel and advice they often seek from MHEDA. In both life and my career, I always seek to aim high.

Time moves “wiki wiki.” So there is never a moment to waste. As they say in Hawaii, “Kulia I Ka Nu’u.” Strive for the highest.

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