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Greg Morrison’s Term as President Concludes

Greg Morrison (l) and Chuck Frank (r)

2010 MHEDA President Greg Morrison, vice president of Morrison Industrial Equipment (Grand Rapids, MI), will end his term as MHEDA President and turn the reins over to Chuck Frank, president and CEO of AHS Inc. (Cincinnati, OH), on December 31. Morrison will continue to serve on the Board of Directors in 2011 as Immediate Past President.

Morrison presided over the association as it dealt with a difficult economic climate. “Many members in the organization have learned to do more with less during this economic cycle. Despite having limited resources, the association emerged stronger than ever with record participation in the education programs, extremely high membership satisfaction ratings and a very strong year-end financial position,” says Morrison.

The onset of his presidency, however, came during a much more uncertain economic time. “Because of the trying times that we were facing, we weren’t sure how attendance at the Convention would be,” says Morrison. “We worked very hard to put together a great program with fantastic speakers, timely topics and it turned out to be a well attended, great Convention. All things considered, we felt it was a home run.”

The 2010 Convention in Marco Island, FL, was one of the proudest moments during Morrison’s tenure as MHEDA President. He became the second of his family to be the MHEDA President, following his uncle, Jack Morrison, director of Morrison Industrial, who served as president in 1979. “I was proud to be the next generation to serve the position,” says Greg Morrison.

“All of our accomplishments this year have been a big group effort. This isn’t Greg Morrison doing all of these things, it’s been our whole team. I’m really proud and fortunate to have had the opportunity to have done this,” says Morrison. Morrison specifically thanked his family, the MHEDA staff, Board of Directors and all of the professionals that he has had a chance to meet during his tenure. MHEDA thanks Greg for his service.

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