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Link Up With MHEDA’s 2011 Board

In today’s business climate, it’s more important than ever for MHEDA Members to stay connected. Social media sites dominate Internet traffic, and use of these free sites can help businesses. Here’s what the business pages for MHEDA’s 2011 Board members might look like, complete with a little personal employment and educational background, the role they will play for the association, their existing go-to websites, a one-sentence personal summary and some additional information. “Connect” with and “follow” MHEDA’s 2011 Board of Directors and Manufacturers Board of Advisors, and you will definitely become a “fan” of what’s in store for the association.Meet Your Board
Chuck Frank
MHEDA President
Cincinnati, OH, area
Current Job: President and CEO of AHS Inc.

First Employment: OKI Systems installing conveyors

Educational Background: Northern Kentucky University with a concentration on business management and marketing

Association: As the incoming President, I will be working on everything.

Websites: ask.com

Chuck’s Summary: An individual who genuinely cares about people and their well-being.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: BlackBerry

• Favorite book: Good to Great by Jim Collins

Richard Donnelly
MHEDA President-Elect
Raleigh, NC, area
Current Job: Executive Vice President of Gregory Poole Equipment Company

First Employment: Lieutenant in the US Army

Educational Background: Oregon State University with a B.S. in civil engineering

Association: Convention chairman, working with MHEDA staff to put together a valuable program

Websites: drudgereport.com and newsobserver.com

Richard’s Summary: I structure my life to have a good balance between work and family.

Additional Information:

• Outside of work: I enjoy golf, snow-skiing and college sports.

• Can’t live without: iPhone

Scott Hennie
MHEDA Vice President

Columbus, OH, area
Current Job: Vice President at Hy-Tek Material Handling

First Employment: Paperboy

Educational Background: B.S. in mechanical engineering and an MBA in finance

Association: Get end-users to see and appreciate the value of a MHEDA member and see net membership increases over 2010.

Websites: newsmax.com, LinkedIn, Facebook

Scott’s Summary: What you see is what you get.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: Contact lenses

• Strangest application: A customer bought a conveyor belt to run from his laundry chute to his laundry room.

Jerry Weidmann
MHEDA Treasurer
Brookfield, WI, area
Current Job: President at Wisconsin Lift Truck

First Employment: A paper route

Educational Background: BBA in finance, B.A. in economics, M.S. in financial services and Master’s certificates in logistics, operations management and project management

Association: My goal is to help grow membership and participation in networking.

Websites: mheda.org, mhia.org, LinkedIn, Facebook, @WiLIFTtruck

Jerry’s Summary: I am a people person and a family man who enjoys working with highly motivated individuals.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: Laptop

• Favorite book: Tom Reilly’s Value-Added Selling

Greg Morrison
MHEDA Immediate Past President

Grand Rapids, MI, area
Current Job: Vice President at Morrison Industrial Equipment Company

First Employment: Picking blueberries

Educational Background: B.A. in liberal arts from Berklee College

Association: Helping end-users understand the role material handling plays in the supply chain.

Websites: wsj.com

Greg’s Summary: Level-headed family man who enjoys working hard and enjoying life.

Additional Information:

• Favorite book: Iacocca-An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca and William Novak

• Fun fact: Went to high school with Lee Iacocca’s daughter

Steve Fawcett
MHEDA Director
Londonderry, NH, area
Current Job: President at Bode Equipment Company

First Employment: Salesman for a distributor of fire and safety equipment in Boston

Educational Background: B.A. in political science from C.W. Post

Association: MHEDA provides ongoing diversified education to its membership.

Websites: Red Sox and Patriots blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn

Steve’s Summary: I am a persistent builder that strives always to be the best at what I do.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: My PDA

• Strangest application: A lift table that opens and closes the plate glass window on the owner’s box at Fenway Park.

John Faulkner
MHEDA Director
Denver, CO, area
Current Job: President at FMH Material Handling Solutions

First Employment: Selling shoes in high school

Educational Background: B.S. in economics from Dallas Baptist College

Association: Touch base with 50 non-MHEDA members via personal meeting or by phone/e-mail.

Websites: AOL.com, AOL Finance, Facebook

John’s Summary: I’m a workaholic, committed to my employees and customers.

Additional Information:

• Favorite book: Winning by Jack Welch

• Strangest application: A three-wheel electric truck to handle cadavers.


Scott Lee
MHEDA Director
Schaumburg, IL, area
Current Job: President of Conveyor Solutions Inc.

First Employment: Facility layout for Boise Cascade

Educational Background: B.S. in engineering technology and an MBA

Association: As Membership Committee Chair, my goal is to focus on maintaining existing membership as well as bringing new members into MHEDA.

Websites: www.conveyorsolutions.com, @conveyorsoltns, www.weather.com

Scott’s Summary: I am constantly looking for new opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Additional Information:

• I wish more organizations would take the time to realize how much MHEDA has to offer.

• Strangest application: Conveying food through a radiation environment to kill bacteria

Mark Neuwirth
MBOA Member
Jackson, NJ, area
Current Job: Vice president of sales at UNEX Manufacturing

First Employment: Fry cook at Frank’s Clam Digger Restaurant

Educational Background: B.A. in English and history from University of New England ME

Association: Increase my participation in MHEDA, and in doing so, learn and grow within our business.

Websites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, CNN.com

Mark’s Summary: Average guy with an average family and hopefully above-average desire to do what’s right, working for an above-average company.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: My car

• Favorite book: The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation For Getting the Right Things Done by Peter F. Drucker

Steve Johnson
MBOA Member
Nashville, TN, area
Current Job: Vice president of sales at Nashville Wire Products

First Employment: Material mover on a dock

Educational Background: B.A. from the University of Tennessee

Association: As chairman of the MBOA, I am responsible for identifying and updating the association on Critical Impact Factors from a manufacturer’s perspective.

Websites: www.nashvillewire.com

Steve’s Summary: I am a family-oriented man who enjoys establishing long-term friendships and values integrity and trustworthiness.

Additional Information:

• Favorite book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

• Strangest application: Designed a system for the U.S. military to store all of their maps

Mark Milovich
MHEDA Director
Decatur, GA, area
Current Job: President at Lift Atlanta Inc.

First Employment: Bag boy at Kroger

Educational Background: B.S. in management from Jacksonville University

Association: Working on the Education Committee to provide the members with a fantastic schedule for the year.

Websites: www.liftatlanta.com, @liftatlanta, Clevelandbrowns.com

Mark’s Summary: I am growing older, but not growing up.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: NFL Sunday Ticket to watch my Cleveland Browns

• Strangest application: Lift truck used to pick up cows that stumble off the cattle truck and take them to the processing line

Duncan Murphy
MHEDA Advisory Board
Omaha, NE, area
Current Job: President at Riekes Equipment Company

First Employment: Newspaper boy

Educational Background: B.S. from Princeton

Association: Get industry companies more involved in education and networking opportunities.

Websites: LinkedIn, Facebook

Duncan’s Summary: I am comfortable in a business suit or 501 blue jeans.

Additional Information:

• Favorite book: David Whyte’s The Heart Aroused

• Strangest application: Floor-to-floor conveyor system to bring caskets from storage to the showroom

Mark Juelich
MHEDA Director
Minneapolis, MN, area
Current Job: Executive Director of American Warehouse Systems

First Employment: Groundskeeper at a fishing resort in northern Minnesota

Educational Background: Graduated from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Association: Networking. I want to increase the participation of principles and C-level executives in MHEDA-NET groups.

Websites: www.aw-systems.com, @AW_Systems, @markjuelich

Mark’s Summary: I am father, husband, Christian, Patriot and material handling guy.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: iPhone and iPad

• Background in: Search engine optimization and online marketing

Colleen Wright
MHEDA Director
Shakopee, MN, area
Current Job: Controller at Quality Forklift Sales & Service

First Employment: Selling tickets at a movie theater

Educational Background: Attended the University of Minnesota

Association: On the Membership Committee

Websites: www.qualityforklift.com, Facebook

Colleen’s Summary: I am dedicated to dedicated to my job, my family, my faith and my company.

Additional Information:

• Strangest application: As controller, I don’t think I want to know! I have nightmares about the insurance issues some of those applications might need.

• I began using Facebook to stay in touch with my daughter while she was in the Peace Corps.

Bill Ryan
MHEDA Director
Charlotte, NC, area
Current Job: Vice President/General Manager at LiftOne

First Employment: Selling peanut brittle door-to-door for Pop Warner football

Educational Background: St. Anselm College, Rivier College, University of South Florida

Association: Working on education, training and growing membership.

Websites: nyt.com, The MHEDA Connection, NPR.com, LinkedIn, Facebook

Bill’s Summary: The oldest of eight kids, born to two hard-working second-generation Irish people.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: BlackBerry

• Guilty vice: As a gearhead, I always click on speed.com when it comes up.

Jack Phelan
MHEDA Advisory Board
Lakeland, FL, area
Current Job: President and CEO of TriFactor Distribution Solutions

First Employment: Dispatcher for an over-the-road trucking company

Educational Background: University of Cincinnati

Association: I am on the Member Advocacy Committee, which is tasked with promoting the industry and the value members bring to the supply chain.

Websites: drudgereport.com, LinkedIn

Jack’s Summary: I am a proud, loving husband, father and grandfather.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: BlackBerry

• Favorite book: The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Kent Eudy
MBOA Member
Houston, TX, area
Current Job: Vice president of dealer sales at MCFA

First Employment: Marketing trainee at Caterpillar Tractor Company

Educational Background: B.S. in marketing/advertising from Indiana University

Association: Continue to enhance the educational curriculum offered by MHEDA

Websites: Facebook, LinkedIn

Kent’s Summary: I strive to successfully balance all aspects of life.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: E-mail on my BlackBerry

• Strangest application: Charging hoppers with uranium ore to produce yellow cake in northern Saskatchewan

Brad Baker
MHEDA Director
Louisville, KY, area
Current Job: Vice president at Cardinal Carryor

First Employment: Washing dishes at Pizza Inn

Educational Background: B.S. in business from Indiana University

Association: Chairperson of the Audit and Networking Committees

Websites: www.cardinalcarryor.com, www.google.com

Brad’s Summary: I am unassuming and usually have more questions than answers.

Additional Information:

• Favorite book: Built to Last by Jim Collins

• Strangest application: AS/RS for coffins

Jeff Long
MBOA Member

Reading, PA, area
Current Job: Vice president of sales/service at EnerSys

First Employment: Sales training department for Caterpillar

Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Cleveland State University

Association: To continue the success of the MHEDA-NET program

Websites: www.enersys.com

Jeff’s Summary: Professionally competitive.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: iPhone

• What is the MHEDA Advantage? Knowledge.

Bob Giberson
MHEDA Director

Midlothian, VA, area
Current Job: President at PeakLogix

First Employment: Paper route

Educational Background: Virginia Commonwealth University

Association: To increase the value of membership in MHEDA

Websites: phillysports.com, LinkedIn

Bob’s Summary: A damn Yankee.

Additional Information:

• Can’t live without: Cell phone

• Strangest application: Stainless steel tray and racking system for a hospital morgue. We call it the Stiff Lift.

Steve Strifler
MHEDA Director
Dallas, TX, area
Current Job: President and CEO of Cisco-Eagle

First Employment: U.S. Army

Educational Background: Mechanical engineering at West Point, U.S. Army

Association: Educating end-users to better recognize MHEDA

Websites: www.cisco-eagle.com, customer blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook

Steve’s Summary: I work hard and play hard.

Additional Information:

• Favorite book: The Bible

• Strangest application: Slaughtering hogs

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