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The Lilly Company Gets Hot Off The Presses

Distributor: The Lilly Company
Manufacturer:  Randall Manufacturing
Summary: An insulated wall solution
  contains heat in a printing facility.

STL Distribution is one of the largest non-profit religious book distribution companies in the world. To keep up with increasing demand for books printed at its Elizabethton, TN, based facility, STL brought in a new printing press capable of printing a full-size Bible in less than 45 minutes. With the new press, however, came tremendous heat emissions, up to 110,000 BTU’s, which was a waste of energy and increased STL’s plant cooling costs. At the same time, the company was also planning to add more equipment to increase its publication capacity to 650,000 books per year. To do so required first figuring out how to safely isolate the printing press from the rest of the warehouse. STL’s President Glenn Bailey began to solicit solutions from material handling companies on how best to deal with the heat.

Johnny Blanton, major accounts manager with The Lilly Company (Memphis, TN), had previously done business with STL and happened to be visiting with them when Bailey presented him with the new problem. Blanton surveyed the area and suggested an InsulWall system from Randall Manufacturing as a solution. The insulated curtain wall system would allow STL to isolate the printing press heat from the rest of the 190,000 sq. ft. facility. Blanton contacted his factory representative, Todd Jessup, regional accounts manager with Randall, to come and make measurements before presenting a proposal to STL.

STL weighed The Lilly Company’s solution against several other proposals, ultimately deciding to go with the InsulWall. “Having worked with us before, STL knew that we would follow through,” says Blanton. “I personally assured them that I would be there every day during the installation process and make sure that any issue would be resolved immediately.”

It wasn’t long before an issue did crop up. Just before the installation started, STL called Blanton to let him know they had decided to expand the installation area by 40 feet and add an additional assembly line. Thanks to the support of Randall Manufacturing and the entire Lilly Company team of President Joe Clark III, Vice President Wade Clark, COO Eric Wisher, and Sales Manager Wally Painter, Blanton was able to follow through on his promise, working with STL during every step of the installation. The two-point enclosure used existing walls in a corner and spanned 80 ft. by 56 ft. The InsulWall solution allows STL to keep the press room at a constant 75 degrees. In the summer, STL plans to install an air conditioner in the room to keep the temperature consistent.

Even with the order change, it only took three weeks to complete the manufacture, delivery and installation of the system, with little to no interruption to STL’s business during installation. Since its completion in October 2010, the solution has been a major success. As STL continues to grow and expand, the InsulWall solution allows flexibility for the company to reconfigure their workspace that a traditional rigid wall would not allow. The InsulWall solution served the dual purpose of isolating the heat generated by the press but also being flexible enough to move if the need arises. For The Lilly Company, what started as a routine visit to a customer ended in a major opportunity. As with most examples of excellent customer service, this story has a happy ending.

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