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MHEDA-NET Hosts Networking Reception at ProMat

Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

Wynn Watson

Wynn Watson

MHEDA’s networking reception at the end of Day 1 of ProMat was a well-attended event. It was great to see so many members on hand. All distributors and suppliers were able to see old friends and meet a few new faces. We hope this one of many networking events you take part in this year! Members who attended the reception found the event enlightening. Michael Nelson, field sales manager at Nelson Equipment Company (Shreveport, LA), says of his first ProMat, “It was eye opening to get to see the industry as a whole, outside of my niche. Getting to see things outside of the areas that our company represents and meet people that I may do business with someday is beneficial.” Wynn Watson, product sales engineer at TriFactor Distribution Solutions (Lakeland, FL), agrees. “ProMat is a good place to learn about new technologies and find solutions that can help our customers,” says Watson who is attending his second ProMat.

At the reception, MHEDA raffled off a complimentary 2011 or 2012 Convention registration. Jeffrey Beale of Pedigree Technologies, who joined the association while at ProMat, won the prize. Congratulations, Jeffrey! 

(l-r) MHEDA Executive Vice President Liz Richards, Jeffrey Beale and 2011 MHEDA President Chuck Frank

Networking Reception at ProMat

MHEDA members converge at MHEDA-NET reception.

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