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AT WORK: Road Service Technician

Name: Doug Barton
Thompson & Johnson Equipment Company
East Syracuse, NY
Years on Job: 32

I’ve been working with electric vehicles since the technology was in its infancy. During high school, I worked on cars with electronic ignition systems. After serving in the U.S. Navy and training with electricians, a family friend recommended that I apply to work at Thompson & Johnson Equipment Company because they needed someone to work with the emerging electric forklifts. Now, more than 32 years later, I still work with electrics, although they are hardly recognizable compared to the ones I worked with in high school. There have been major advancements—high-speed components and computer chips have changed the whole face of the electric truck industry.

Doug Barton

1 Electric Forklift
Most of my day is spent on the road doing preventative maintenance and repairs on electric lift trucks. The most common issues I run into are normal wear on items such as contact tips, wheels and hydraulic hoses.

2 Communication
Going to customer sites all day means I must be able to communicate effectively. Being able to listen and communicate with customers is key. I have to put things in terms they can understand and explain things calmly and effectively if any issues arise. Once I do that, I’ve gained their confidence forever.

3 Equipment Manual
Because the technology is continuously evolving, I constantly read to train myself and remain current. If there is a problem that I wasn’t able to resolve the day before, I wake up early and research it in a manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

4 Essential Tools
Success requires good mechanical abilities, but I also rely on a good set of wrenches, ratchets and other tools, the ability to read schematics and a set of manuals to consult.

5 Safety Equipment
As with any profession in material handling, safety is vital. I sometimes travel up to 300 miles in a day across my area. It makes for a balancing act—I’ve got to do things quickly, but I can’t sacrifice safety. I wear safety goggles, steel-toed boots and other equipment as needed.

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  1. Congratulations on the many years of success in your career Doug. Hopefully many more to come

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