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What The End-User Is Looking For

Who Is Cumberland Packing?

Cumberland Packing is the Brooklyn, New York-based producer, distributor and marketer of natural and artificial sweeteners such as Sweet’N Low, Sugar in the Raw and Stevia in the Raw. James Bradley, safety coordinator at the 150,000-square-foot packing plant, has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with his material handling distributor, a MHEDA member, thanks to quality products, prompt service and a shared attention to safety. All of those factors add up to a pretty sweet partnership.

Timely Service We’ve done business with a local distributor for more than seven years and see no reason to look elsewhere. Service and safety far outweigh cost when it comes to our material handling equipment; honestly, I don’t even look at the price. We lease our equipment, and we have to know that when we need something, the distributor will be there to help us quickly. In seven years, I have never had a problem with our provider.

Quality ProductsWe use forklifts, pallet jacks, lift tables and conveyors to prepare our products for distribution. The reputation of all of those products is very important to us. If we couldn’t rely on the quality of our equipment, we would be lost. The equipment is integral. It makes our job possible.

Safety As safety manager, I look at safety features that are available on the equipment. We outfit all of our products with warning lights and backup horns. Particularly on our rider pallet trucks, I always look at the amount of room for my operators’ feet; no part of their feet can hang over the side in case they run into something. On all of our units, my people must have enough room for their whole bodies to fit inside the safety area of the equipment. Our partners are great about accommodating those needs.

Personal Touch Anytime that we need the distributor to come out, they’re here. They show us new products, help find solutions and make sure that we’re always satisfied with our equipment. They’re large enough to handle any problems that may come up but not so large that we get lost in the shuffle. It’s that personal relationship that keeps us coming back.

Knowledge of Operation I recently called my distributor asking for a product that was capable of carrying two pallets side by side. They came out to our warehouse to make sure that we had the necessary room and weight support to operate a single-double pallet handler safely. They understand the emphasis that we place on safety and are always willing to come to our plant to find the best solution.

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