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Here’s To A Great Summer

Hello to everyone! I hope this issue once again finds everyone doing well. If you did not have the opportunity to attend this year’s MHEDA Convention, we’re sorry we missed you. For those of you who had the chance to attend, thank you, and we are hopeful you were able to get as much out of Convention as we did. We had a great turnout and the feedback to date has been terrific! A special thank you to Liz, Joanne, Cindy, Shirley, LuAnn, Susan, AnnaMaria, Rebecca and Kathy for organizing and hosting a great Convention! You did an awesome job. Keep up the great work!

In this issue, there is a lot of discussion specific to the importance of finding, recruiting and hiring young professionals. While this is easy to say, for some it is very difficult to put this combination together to find the next generation of leaders. As we distance ourselves from the difficult downturn and begin or continue hiring new team members, it is critical to retain individuals who contribute to the bottom line. The key to ongoing success is  recruiting team members who are going to assist with margin contribution. Remain patient while going through the

hiring process. Create a written document defining the key objectives of what you’re looking for along with the top five characteristics of the person you are seeking. This will assist in the screening process and keep you focused on finding the right person for the position. The key to sustainability is having team members who complement your culture and bring out the best in those with whom they work.

Dealer Recognition
This issue also features Top Dealers, with manufacturers recognizing and saying thank you to their distributors for their efforts. The question is, what does it mean to be a Top Dealer? Do our customers recognize this as value? Do they separate us from our competition? Do they search us out?

2011 MHEDA President Chuck Frank can be reached by phone at 513-562-1320 or by email at CFrank@ahs1.com.

Well, the answer to some of these questions is absolutely. The real question is: What do we do with the accolade? Do we share it with others? Do we use it to demonstrate the strength of our organization? Do we use it to assist in closing business? Hopefully, the answer to these questions is also yes.

We are missing an opportunity if we do not share with others the success we are having. That’s part of the reason for the creation of MHEDA’s new Most Valuable Partner (MVP) program. See page 81 for more details.

Our customers like to have an association with companies they can trust, with companies that have a proven track record, with companies that are recognized as leaders within their perspective field. Do yourself a favor and thank your customers for the success your organization is having. Let them know their contribution played a big part in your ongoing success. Customers like to be thanked and welcome the opportunity to be a part of a winning team. Always be humbled with all that our customers do, and, remember, it is our job to “pay it forward.”

Here’s to a great summer and continued success to you and your organization. 

Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
Chuck Frank Chuck Frank
2011 MHEDA President
President and CEO of AHS Inc.    

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