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What End-Users Prefer

When it comes to forklifts, what do end-users really prefer? The MHEDA Journal spoke to a handful sample of end-users to get their feedback. Visit The MHEDA Journal Online for more details.

What type of fuel do you prefer
to use to power your forklifts?

Internal Combustion 53.3%
Electric 46.7%
Gas 6%
Diesel 0%
Propane 47%
Electric 47%
Fuel Cell 0%
Other 0%

“We do not have a shipping dock so we have to unload trucks outside. We can use propane inside and outside.”

– Gary Cushman, Director of Manufacturing
WISCO Products


“We use propane. Purchasing all of the other equipment for electric would be an added expense.”

– Ross Devilbiss, Sales Engineer
Carter Control Systems

“In a closed warehouse environment, the electrics are less costly and don’t smell.”

– Wesley Wallace
Company Name WithheldUpon Request

“We have a battery-powered forklift because it’s an indoor application. It performs well.”

– Jim Howe, Purchasing/Warehouse
Manager, MHQ

“I buy battery-powered trucks because they seem to have fewer upkeep issues.”

– Scott Ginter, Manager of Maintenance
and Facilities, Scholastic Inc.

On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with the performance of your forklifts?

Forklift Performance“I like durability. Some of the newer model trucks have design changes in the transmission that I’m not too keen on.”

– Anonymous

“So far, our gas-powered forklift hasn’t given us any trouble in the three years I’ve been here.”

– Eric Peller, Purchasing Manager
GFX Corp.

“I’ve used many types of lift trucks in my life, and I prefer standup electric trucks the best.”

– David Ford, Inventory Manager, Segue Manufacturing

“Our company is really good about getting us the equipment we need. We have a number of different brands with different attachments, and I’m equally satisfied with all of them.”

– Melanie Riggleman, Manufacturing Manager for Engineered Systems
The Gorman-Rupp Company

Do you make your purchasing decision based on price or service?

“We look at price on the sale of the component more; the service aspect seems to be very negotiable.”

– Mark Robidou, Manufacturing
Manager, SunSource

“We look at both and choose the brand that will provide the best output for the application.”

– Steve Schmitt, Director of
Operations, Sunmaxx Solar

“Price, by which I mean the total cost of ownership. If the price is cheap, but the service is bad, then it’s really not such a good deal.”

– Anonymous Director of Procurement

Purchasing Decisions

Do you prefer to buy from a distributor or a manufacturer?

Manufacturer 0%
Distributor 100%

“We’re so small that I’m not sure the manufacturer would be interested in selling direct to us.”

– Deb Wellman, Branch Manager
The Boulder Company

“The dealer we bought our trucks from should do better at coming in and seeing our operation. They should tell me what I should be using rather than letting me tell them what I want.”

– Donald Wine, Southern Regional
Manufacturing Manager, Android Industries

“I prefer a distributor with multiple product lines. If there are 15 products in our DC, I don’t want to have to build relationships with 15 different vendors.”

– Mike Coronado, Director of Distribution
The Container Store

Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

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