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Friends Make It Work

I hope this edition of The MHEDA Journal finds everyone doing well and that you enjoyed your summer and were able to take some time off to spend with family and friends.

Speaking of friends, this issue of TMJ focuses on Sales Success Stories between distributors and manufacturers. While there is a lot of proactive discussion on how to maintain and strengthen the relationship between both, perhaps one of the best ways is to approach the relationship as you do with one of your best friends. Think of the time you spend together with your closest friends, talking to each other, helping each other, and the comfort of knowing they are there for you. Think of the things you are asked to do or you ask them to do. Think of the amount of time you spend together talking through issues or planning the next big event. How about the excitement you have after you’ve made plans to spend time together and the increased enthusiasm as the time draws near.

Some may be reading this and asking, “What is this guy thinking and what is he trying to say?” But the bottom line is this: We need each other. The distributor needs the manufacturer, the manufacturer needs the distributor.

2011 MHEDA President Chuck Frank can be reached by phone at 513-562-1320 or by email at CFrank@ahs1.com.

As you read through the Sales Success Stories, keep in mind the importance of the friendship that exists between both. Having this kind of relationship makes it a lot easier to do business together. It allows us to lean on each other and work together to develop the most creative design, to get our common customer out of pain, to position our teams to earn business, to have that customer say thank you for caring and doing a great job. It allows us to build on the relationship we have and be thankful that the relationship exists.

So as you page through this issue, make it a point to pick up the phone and call a few of your business partners to thank them for what they do and let them know you appreciate their friendship. Let’s face it; this does not happen every day. Our business partners are not expecting this, and my guess is you will assist them in having a better day.

Speaking of time, my year as President is coming to an end and what a great year it has been. I have had the opportunity to spend time during the year working with some of my good friends who have been so kind as to be on the Board with me. What a great group of individuals! Thank you for all you have done. We accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Job well done.

We have worked together to lay out the strategic plan for the upcoming years and set strategic goals to insure that the organization stays focused on value propositions for both our members and our members’ customers. The association is doing well and is in a great position to do even more for its members over the next several years. I would be remiss in not thanking Liz, Kathy, Susan, Joanne, LuAnn, AnnaMaria, Rebecca, Shirley and Cindy for their commitment, dedication and attention to detail. Thank you for all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you.

And to you, the MHEDA members, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to get to know so many of you and for all that you have done and are doing to make the association as successful as it is. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to serve as MHEDA’s President, to follow those who have served before me, and wish all those who serve in the future all the luck in the world. You will do great!

So from me to you, thank you for your support, thank you for the kind words, thank you for helping me be a better person, but most of all, thank you for being a friend. I look forward to continuing to do all I can to assist the organization and seeing all of you at future MHEDA events.

Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
Chuck Frank Chuck Frank
2011 MHEDA President
President and CEO of AHS Inc.