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John B. Nofsinger Tributes

John B. Nofsinger

(L-R) MHIA CEO John B. Nofsinger, MHEDA Executive Vice President Liz Richards, MHIA COO George Prest, who will succeed Nofsinger as MHIA CEO on January 1, 2012.

John B. Nofsinger

John B. Nofsinger, chief executive officer of the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) since 1999, is an international authority on material handling and logistics. The development of the R-Mark rack certification, American Logistics Aid Network, success of ProMat, launch of MODEX and the development of many educational and recruitment initiatives to bring new talent into the industry are just a sample of the many strategic achievements for which Nofsinger is responsible. A friend to MHEDA for many years, Executive Vice President Liz Richards says, “John has worked tirelessly to further the interests of the material handling industry and has brought recognition to the critical role it plays within the supply chain.”


The MHEDA leadership and I will personally miss this gracious man who has given so much to the industry and to our respective associations. Over the years, John has been generous with his time and knowledge and has helped to grow and strengthen the relationship between MHEDA and MHIA. We have greatly enjoyed his friendship and benefited from his insight. John has worked tirelessly to further the interests of the material handling industry and has brought recognition to the critical role it plays within the supply chain. John has been an advocate of the MHEDA distributor as a vital channel partner. We bid John farewell with heartfelt thanks for all he has done and for his countless contributions.

– Liz Richards, Executive Vice President, MHEDA

John had PASSION!  He was passionate about the industry. I believe everyone he met became a friend. When you meet John, he always has a smile. I got a chance to meet and work with John while on MHEDA’s board. What I remember most is John taking the time for idle chat when he saw me at ProMat. I know for a fact he was running around taking care of 100 other things, but he still had the time to make you feel special. He will be sorely missed.

– Loren Swakow, President, Scott Lift Truck Corporation

John Nofsinger will go down as a true legendary leader in our industry. Over the past decade, John’s leadership has been exceptional in many ways. He has worked tirelessly to bring together industry leaders and organizations to create a better industry as a whole. The relationships between various industry organizations, particularly between MHEDA and MHIA, have come a long way under John’s leadership.  MHIA’s investments and leadership in the areas of education and training for students through CICMHE and the Material Handling Education Foundation, the progressive work of the Industry Groups, the industry value derived from our annual  trade shows (ProMat and now Modex) and outreach to other supply chain organizations worldwide have made our industry more visible and safer.

On a personal level, I consider John a friend. He has always been very gracious and approachable, and has always had a sincere interest in everyone’s success.  I’ll mainly remember John for being gracious and humble. I believe that all of us hope to leave our businesses and industry better off than when we first started in it. John can leave office and move on to the next chapter of life knowing that he has done just that.  Well done John!

 – James R. Bowes Jr., President and CEO, Peach State Integrated Technologies

John’s vision has fostered a more strategic image for our industry, transforming the way we view ourselves and how others view us. He has served as a global ambassador of our industry promoting the value we bring to the buyers and users of our industry’s goods and services. His dedication to a collaborative approach improved how various individual industry interests work together for the greater good of the industry. John was always there to listen and take action.

I will miss his strategic perspective, approachable nature and passion for the continuous transformation and improvement of our industry.

– Michael Romano, President and CEO, Associated

MHIA has always been a solid source of information and networking, and a perfect partner for MHEDA members to work on industry issues and development. A lot of that is due to John’s quiet and thoughtful leadership and his ability to herd cats. He’s a good friend and advisor and always available on a reach out. Best wishes, John.

– Dave Griffith, President and CEO, Modern Group

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