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Sales Techniques – Sell More

The MHEDA Journal contains over 100 articles in its indexed archive on how to sell better in the material handling sales environment. Topics cover Selling Strategies, Customer Service, Internet Sales, Marketing, Merchandising and more. Here are a few…

Selling Warranty Contracts
Sell service contracts along with a forklift and other material handling equipment.

Search For The Silver Bullet
Ask what needs to be done next and by when it needs to be done.

Social Media Drive Sales
Online networking websites lead to sales for MHEDA distributors.

Taking It To The Streets
Vehicle wraps are an effective marketing strategy.

To Show Or Not To Show…That Is The Question
Trade shows are an opportunity to showcase products to a large number of potential customers.

Pre-Call Planning
A detailed, step-by-step process helps reduce call time for better results.

What Drives Your Top Performers?
Keep your top performers engaged and replace those who can’t step up to the challenge.

Beyond The Sales Pitch
How veterans versus newcomers in the material handling industry view sales.

The Sales Professional
Ten requirements for every material handling sales professional.

The Personality Of A Top Salesperson
Are there any specific personality traits that make a salesperson better than average?

10 Tips To Better Pricing
Setting the right price is a key to sales success.

Solution Selling In A Flat World
Strategic account management via Six Sigma methodology.

Don’t Be Spooked By Customer Complaints
What can make or break your company is the way you respond to a complaint.

Deadline Crunch
Making the best of high-pressure, quick-turnaround orders.

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