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Talk Back

If you thought it was hot in your city this summer, it was nothing like the heat generated by reading The MHEDA Journal’s blogs, website, Twitter feeds, Facebook walls and LinkedIn connections. Activity was strong and members are using Social Media to comment and network about industry issues and events. Below are some of the many comments posted. You can read them all on the sites. Catch the pulse of the industry at TheMhedaJournal.org and join the conversation!

Women In Manufacturing
It’s easy to assume that material handling is dirty because, in some ways, it can be. The bigger factor behind such a low number of women is that this industry isn’t glamorous. As a group, women seem to be attracted to industries that cater to their own interests, in large and small ways, and material handling is rarely one of them. There is a lot of potential for women to do just as well as men in this industry. The only problem is that most of them rarely know it exists.
      —Jill McElheny, Storage Solutions


Encourage Your Customers To Go Green
It’s amazing how this industry has adopted more of a focus on being environmentally friendly. It’s always a great idea to retrofit equipment if possible, rather than replacing it. The material handling industry has made great strides to be more green in recent years.
     —Mark, Briggs Equipment

Generational Communication
More than one organization I have come across has developed a formal protocol as a part of orientation for new hires, i.e., “This is when you text. This is when you email. This is when you call.”
     —Robert Wendover, The Center for
        Generational Studies

Mentoring Success Stories

Mentoring Success Stories
I really like the idea of a year-long dialogue designed to teach the new manager how to become a leader in the company.
     —Jason, AK Material Handling Equipment


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