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MHEDA – 2012 Critical Impact Factors

  1. Economic rebound is uneven based on region and industry; it’s important to identify viable market opportunities by targeting growth segments. 
  2. Energy and transportation costs continue to rise which will change the nature of distribution.
  3. Commodity price fluctuations, extended lead times, shifts in global consumption and the supply chain, increase complexity for the distributor and supplier.
  4. Sales strategies must change to be more solutions focused and cost effective for the distributor.
  5. Continued margin pressure requires lean operations and a deeper understanding of your core competencies to identify and take advantage of emerging opportunities.
  6. Dealer and supplier personnel must continue to enhance their job skills and improve their productivity.
  7. Dealers and suppliers are operating with fewer resources and may have capital constraints.  It’s imperative that they utilize outside opportunities (including MHEDA) for networking, best practices, professional development and cost saving options.
  8. Customers are demanding more electronic interaction with their distributors.
  9. Customers’ staffing remains lean and therefore they have become more reliant on distributors for solutions support.  This is an opportunity for distributors.
  10. The conservative banking environment dictates that members must have a well-structured banking strategy and strong relationship with their bank particularly if they want to take advantage of emerging markets.  Cash positions are more important than ever.
  11. Employee benefits including health care are getting more complex requiring the need for members to fully understand the impact to their business, costs, ramifications and potential solutions.
  12. As the economy recovers, members must be selective with new hires and ensure that the proper skill sets are in place.
  13. The association and its members need to continue to monitor the impact and opportunities of green technologies, energy efficiency and sustainability.


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