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Badger Toyotalift Sales Success Story

Distributor: Badger ToyotaLift
Manufacturer: Camoplast Solideal
Summary: Year-end discount on industrial tires accounts for 25 percent sales increase.

Long-Term Partnership Yields Success For Badger

Every year, Badger ToyotaLift’s customers circle November and December on their calendars. This is when Badger ToyotaLift (New Berlin, WI) partners with Camoplast Solideal for its annual year-end tire sale, an event that has taken place every year since 1989. For two months, beginning on November 1 and ending December 31, Badger ToyotaLift sells discounted cushion and solid pneumatic Solideal tires to new and existing customers in Southern Wisconsin.

Starting in late October, Badger ToyotaLift begins to heavily advertise the sale. The distributor sends out thousands of emails to customers and prospects, mails out flyers, promotes the sale on its website and attaches promotional material to all outgoing parts shipments and invoices. Solideal aids in the promotion by distributing flyers and spiffing promotional products for Badger salespeople and customers. “Solideal provides special jackets and hats to promote the sale,” says Pat Stemper, general manager at Badger. “Those products aren’t available any other time, and they are very popular with our salespeople and customers.”

Badger Parts Manager John Nierode works with Mike Ross, national sales representative at Camoplast Solideal, to coordinate the purchase and discount structure of the tires. To prepare for the sale, Badger stocks up on the industrial tires by the container load. Working with Ross allows the distributor to pass on a 20 percent discount to the end-user.

Sales representatives from Badger are accompanied by Solideal Regional Sales Representative Mark Nier when calling on customers. “Mark is able to provide technical support and expertise to customers,” says Nierode. “He and our operations manager, Mike Olson, are always available to go on joint sales calls with our sales reps.” Olson also coordinates the tire press schedule for new customers during the sale.

Every year the sale becomes more well-known and successful. In 2010, Badger ToyotaLift converted ten new customers through the promotion. The annual sale accounted for 25 percent of the company’s total tire sales in 2010. “Every year we are able to get new customers from this sale,” says Stemper. “These customers get used to the Solideal line and are pleased with the performance of the tires. New customers turn into repeat customers after using Solideal.” As a matter of fact, Badger ToytaLift guarantees its customers’ satisfaction by offering to buy the tires back at their original purchase price if customers aren’t completely satisfied. Stemper says, “The sales process is much easier with strong, long-lasting relationships.”

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