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Steel King Achieves Safety Milestone

Stevens Point, WI — Steel King Industries is pleased to announce its New London, WI, manufacturing facility has achieved a milestone in employee safety, specifically no lost time injuries (LTI) over a one-year time period. New London employees logged nearly 96,000 hours of work without a single lost time injury.

“It’s really a phenomenal safety accomplishment for our employees, especially in a metal fabrication environment such as ours,” says Glenn Thiede, vice president of manufacturing. “It’s a testament to our employees’ great safety habits and truly watching out for one another while performing their jobs.  I’m proud of our employees and all the hard work that they did to accomplish this great safety record.”

New London Plant Manager Steve Krueger adds, “This accomplishment is 100 percent due to the safety awareness, efforts and involvement of our employees.  Management has been here for support, but the employees made it happen.  This is a first in my 30 years at Steel King.”

“Safety is very important to everybody connected to Steel King Industries”, according to Jay Anderson, president. “While eliminating the pain and cost of injuries is reason enough to be focused on the issue, everyone, including our customers, benefits from keeping our skilled and experienced workforce actively contributing to our quality and on-time product. We introduced the ‘big ticket’ safety incentive a few years ago, to provide an extra level of motivation to make safety happen on a daily basis.”  In honor of the milestone, every Steel King employee at the New London facility received a sweatshirt marking the occasion, and their names were entered into a drawing for their choice of a fishing boat with motor and trailer or a four wheel drive ATV.

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