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Chuck Frank Nears End of Term

2011 MHEDA President Chuck Frank, president of AHS, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH), ends his term as MHEDA President on December 31. Frank presided over the association as it felt its way through the third year of a difficult economic climate.  

Frank accomplished much during his term as MHEDA President. He says, “The association’s board was focused through these tough times on making sure we were providing valuable and ongoing educational opportunities to our current members, and also getting out to non-members the value proposition of being a member of MHEDA.” Frank points out that during the last 12 months, net membership increased by 31, a different scenario than previous years when membership declined.

Summing up the past year, Frank is grateful to the board for their assistance. “We had productive board meetings, we stayed on plan, the goals we set were realistic, and at the end of the day, we stayed on course.”

He will continue to serve on the Board of Directors in 2012 as Immediate Past President.

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