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MVPs In 2012

In May, MHEDA announced the MVP, or Most Valuable Partner Program, to members with an invitation to all distributor member companies to apply for the status and show their valued partners, customers, employees and suppliers that they are among the best in the industry.   To date, 33 companies have begun the application process and 19 have achieved MVP status for 2011.  Members are recognized for their activity toward MVP status in the prior year so our 2011 MVPs will be recognized throughout 2012.   We launched the program mid-year to allow members to apply and be recognized for a full year.  They will need to re-apply late next year for 2012 MVP status. 

Members may apply at anytime during the year and will be recognized as an MVP for the prior year if they apply before the fourth quarter of the year.  To achieve MVP status, distributors need to satisfy criteria in the following areas: industry relations, customer relations, peer-to-peer networking, education and best practices. For a link to the MVP application and to see who has achieved MVP status, go to  Most Valuable Partner Program or go to MHEDA’s website at www.mheda.org.

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