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Safety in the Workplace: Choose the Right Equipment

By: Tom Reddon

Safety in the workplace is extremely important. You should spend adequate time planning the layout of your factory or warehouse, as well as selecting the ideal equipment that you employ for the general operation of your business. If you select the wrong forklifts, conveyers or racks for example, it can cause the work environment to be unsafe for your workers.

Not only does a safe work environment reduce work-related accidents, but it also affects the overall work performance in a positive way. Your employees will work faster and more efficiently, and will deliver better quality work. If your business is decidedly dependent on vehicles such as forklifts, then the proper vehicle type is vital in ensuring work speed and quality, and in also guaranteeing a safe and secure workplace.

How To Select the Right Vehicles for a Safer Working Environment

The following rules are imperative before making any final selections:

1.    Make certain that the vehicle is able to perform the job that it is designed to perform.
2.    No matter what job the vehicle does, it should always be stable.

Ask the following questions first:

–    What type of loads will the vehicle carry? Determine the loads’ maximum:

•    Weight
•    Height
•    Width

–    What distances will the vehicle be traveling?
–    How are the loads going to be secured?
–    On what type of terrain will you be driving the vehicle?
–    In what type of conditions will you be using the vehicle?

•    Extreme cold or heat
•    Confined spaces

Will these conditions influence the vehicle’s operation and the ability of the operator to control it?

The answers to the above questions will give you a much better idea of what type or model forklift to acquire for your business, to ensure the safest working conditions. The correct forklift selection will turn your work areas into a much safer place to work whereas the wrong forklift selection could lead to serious accidents that could cause unnecessary injuries to your workers, disrupt your business, and cost you money.

The Importance of Selecting the Correct Conveyer System and Racks for Safety

Selecting the perfect conveyer system and racks are just as significant. You need to determine the following before you choose a conveyer system or racks:

–    The dimensions and the maximum weight of the goods and/or equipment that you plan to carry and store.
–    The space requirements that will allow for the free and safe movement of vehicles and people.

When you operate vehicles such as forklifts in a workplace where racks and conveyers are present as well, you require careful planning of the layout of your factory or warehouse space. To make certain that the vehicles can move freely without causing a hazardous environment for your workers, it is essential to install and attain the correct equipment. Strong, well-designed racks and specialized conveyer systems that can carry the necessary weight are compulsory.

Apart from the quality, strength, and durability of the vehicles and equipment that you utilize, you need employees who are qualified and sufficiently trained to operate each vehicle, piece of equipment, or machine. Every manufacturer and factory or warehouse owner should arrange for safety training for their workers to be certified. This reduces the risk of injuries and accidents at any business.