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A Commitment to Excellence

By Jerry Weidmann, 2013 MHEDA President

In this issue we celebrate the commitment to excellence of our distributor members, as recognized by their suppliers.

Excellence is not a destination, but rather a commitment to high standards and to continuous improvement to sustain and elevate them. Tom Peters, of “In Search of Excellence” fame, observed that “excellent firms don’t believe in excellence — only constant improvement and constant change.

More than 600 distributor and manufacturer companies are members of MHEDA. Their membership reflects their commitment to the standards of excellence. Our members are constantly pursuing new knowledge, networking with peers to identify best practices and advocating for our industry.

It is MHEDA’s mission to improve the proficiency of the material handling distributor, and to make sure distributors continue to be the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace.

Many manufacturers in the material handling industry present yearly performance awards to their top distributors. The awards go by many names, including dealers of excellence, dealer of the year and dealer of distinction. Regardless of the honor, these awards recognize those companies that demonstrated excellence in representing their manufacturer’s products.

Excellence in the relationship between a manufacturer and a distributor occurs when the distributor attains the level of product knowledge, market performance, sales growth and customer service necessary to exceed the expectations of the manufacturer. The manufacturer relies on the distributor to be their conduit to the market. The manufacturer can only succeed through the success of the distributor.

In 2011, MHEDA launched the MVP (Most Valuable Partner) award program exclusively for MHEDA Distributor Members. This award is intended to provide recognition to those distributor members that demonstrate a commitment to business excellence, professionalism and stewardship.

The MVP award is earned through a demonstrated commitment to excellence in industry relations, customer relations, peer-to-peer networking, education and best practices. MHEDA strives to provide the platform for excellence in each of these areas.

Attainment of the MHEDA MVP award makes a statement to your employees, your suppliers and your customers:

• To your employees, the MVP award confirms your commitment to invest in their education, attain the highest standards of professionalism and to lead in the industry.

• To your suppliers, the MVP award confirms your commitment to be a superior partner in delivering their product to the industry. It confirms your commitment to excellence and high ethical standards. And your success raises the esteem for your suppliers in your market.

• To your customers, your MVP status demonstrates your commitment to be the very best in the industry. Your status confirms the value of the services you provide.

MVP status is earned each year. Each year you have to demonstrate your commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Our industry is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Our ability to succeed is determined by our commitment to constant improvement and our ability to manage constant change. MHEDA is committed to assist all of its members to attain and sustain world-class excellence in performance.

This past May, the association and its members demonstrated their unique partnership at the convention in Palm Desert, California. Approximately 600 suppliers, distributors, associates and spouses came together to “get their game on.” With world-class speakers, more than 20 educational sessions, roundtable discussions, 80 supplier exhibitors and countless networking opportunities, MHEDA provided a forum of excellence.

We congratulate all the MHEDA MVP and manufacturer award winners. Let’s all celebrate the success of the past, but also focus on the things we can do to improve our future. Let’s ride the wave of change to new heights.

Jerry WeidmanJerry Weidmann

2013 MHEDA President

President of Wisconsin Lift Truck