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Extraordinary Service

By Jerry Weidmann, 2013 MHEDA President 

MHEDA is committed to making its distributor members the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace for their manufacturers. In this issue, a number of articles celebrate the success of distributor/manufacturer partnerships in serving customers. The market is changing, but in the end it takes quality distributors and manufacturers to meet the needs of the customer and marketplace. MHEDA’s members do this extraordinarily well.

The material handling and supply chain marketplace is changing rapidly with new technologies, omni-channel marketing, same-day delivery systems, Internet order fulfillment, supply chain visibility and many other market-driven innovations. As the market evolves, our members adapt and innovate to facilitate the success of their customers. MHEDA is committed to continuously improving the proficiency of its members by providing superior, timely and relevant education opportunities through MHEDA University, with online/on-demand training, webinars and live sessions; and, of course, the annual convention. As the market evolves, so does MHEDA. You can look forward to new content addressing the innovations of our industry as they occur.

The regional networking summits, convention and MHEDANet groups all provide a forum to discuss the rapidly changing forces we all need to deal with. I encourage members to join the networking forums to share best practices with their peers. There is no better way to understand what is going on in the marketplace and to determine timely strategies than to meet and discuss opportunities with fellow members.

This is my last article as President of MHEDA. I have been honored to serve MHEDA and to work with the exceptional staff, board of directors and manufacturer’s board of advisors. The membership is well served by the dedicated individuals that work for MHEDA and serve on the board and MBOA.

In January, Scott Hennie takes the reins as President of MHEDA for 2014. Scott is president of Elite Supply Chain Solutions LLC, an engineered systems company in Cleveland, Ohio. Scott has served as a member of the board for four years and on the executive committee for three. Scott is an innovative and forward-thinking leader who will advance the mission of MHEDA. Scott was the 2013 MHEDA convention chair, and his wife Eileen was his partner in making the convention a success. MHEDA will be in good hands.

I would like to recognize the contributions of three individuals that have provided MHEDA with extraordinary service. In December, Greg Morrison, Steve Fawcett and Kent Eudy will complete their formal MHEDA service:

Greg Morrison, Vice President of Morrison Industrial Equipment Company (Industrial Truck Distributor). Greg, following in the footsteps of his uncle, John W. (“Jack”) Morrison (President of MHEDA in 1979), served on MHEDA’s board of directors, the executive committee and was president of MHEDA in 2010. Greg has served MHEDA for 11 years and his leadership, sound judgment and sage advice have been of great value to the organization.

Kent Eudy, Executive Vice President of MCFA, Houston, Texas (Manufacturer). Kent has served on MHEDA’s (MBOA) manufacturer’s board of advisors. In 2014, Kent chaired the committee. Kent has been an active participant and a strong advocate of MHEDA. Kent’s insightful advice and innovative approach to the industry are greatly appreciated.

Steve Fawcett, Bode Equipment Company, Londonderry New Hampshire (Storage & Handling Distributor). Steve is completing his fourth year of board service. Steve has provided a voice for the storage and handling segment and excellent guidance in serving the smaller distributor. Steve’s wisdom is always appreciated and will be missed.

To my friends Greg, Kent and Steve, I say thank you and I look forward to continuing to see you at MHEDA events for years to come. I would be remiss without mentioning Barb Morrison, Shellee Eudy and Pat Fawcett. Over the many years of MHEDA meetings my wife Kim and I have been honored to spend time with Barb, Shellee and Pat. And although not formally recognized, they have provided great service as advocates for MHEDA.

2013 ends with MHEDA and its membership well positioned for 2014. Our membership is up, our surplus over budget, the MHEDA University website launched and the education, networking and advocacy programs performing extremely well.

May you all finish 2013 strong and have a great 2014.



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