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Looking Back, Looking Forward

By Steve Guglielmo, Managing Editor

As MHEDA celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2014, a large portion of each issue of The MHEDA Journal will be spent discussing the changes and evolution that the industry has gone through since 1954. When you think back to what the world and the industry looked like 60 years ago, it’s almost unrecognizable.

But as we celebrate how far we have come as an industry and an association, we do so with an eye to the future. In the following pages you will read dozens of distributors and suppliers discussing emerging trends and sharing their thoughts on where the industry is headed next.

With that in mind, we at The MHEDA Journal are extremely excited about some changes that will be implemented throughout this year. As social media and the Internet continue to grow by leaps and bounds, The MHEDA Journal will be placing an increased emphasis on sharing content across multiple platforms.

One of the things that we have been most excited about is the work of MHEDA-TV. MHEDA-TV is an online video platform that features best practice advice from fellow members geared toward a wide variety of topics. Subjects ranging from how to prevent employee embezzlement, to tips for developing a young workforce, to promoting material handling as a career choice can all be viewed in one location. These videos can even be embedded on your website as a tool for your customers or employees. Visit videos.mheda.org for more information or for an in-depth tutorial for how to share these great videos.

And though we are placing an increased emphasis on our online platforms, including a redesigned themhedajournal.org that will debut early in the year, the magazine and the newsletter that you have come to expect will still remain. This year’s changes are aimed to diversify our content and make information accessible for members to enjoy in the manner that suits them best. For some, that may be sitting down with the print journal and reading it cover to cover. For others, it may be watching a four-minute video. Still others might enjoy reading specific articles or blog posts via the website. We want to take the area that we have excelled for years, the print journal, and apply those principles for success to other mediums.

To do that, we need your help! The MHEDA Journal has only been successful because MHEDA members are willing to open up and share their experiences and expectations with the magazine. We thrive on this feedback. If there is any topic that you feel should be shared with other members, we want to hear from you! Whether that is via The MHEDA Journal LinkedIn discussion or by email (sguglielmo@naylor.com) please don’t hesitate to reach out.

So this year, as we celebrate where we have come from, we also look ahead with excitement toward where we are going. And we encourage your feedback and thoughts about how we can make the next 60 years as great as the first 60!


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Steve Guglielmo

Managing Editor, The MHEDA Journal