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The Importance of Social Media

By Steve Guglielmo

As I mentioned in my last blog, 2014 will be a year full of exciting changes for The MHEDA Journal. We’re celebrating MHEDA’s 60th Anniversary by giving our media package a face lift. That means an increased emphasis on the Internet in the form of MHEDA-TV, blogs, and especially Social Media platforms. MHEDA has an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The idea behind this strategy is to get information about MHEDA in front of as many members and perspective members as possible, thereby increasing the brand recognition of both the association and The MHEDA Journal.

Those same tenets that will help us increase our brand recognition can work for you, as well. In the past few months I have had some wonderful conversations with MHEDA members about how they have utilized Social Media in their company. And I have gotten a variety of great answers.

One person I spoke with, Heather Angus-Lee from EquipSoft, had a very interesting quote about Twitter. “The business case for Twitter is no longer speculative. It’s provable,” she said. “Some people have called Social Media, specifically Twitter, a waste of time, but it’s really not if you know the right content to share and if you’re following the right people. You have to be mining content.”

Many MHEDA members I have spoken to have been much less resistant about joining LinkedIn than they have Twitter, Facebook or Google+. They see the networking benefits of it. However, Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook and Google+ offer those same benefits. It’s all about relationship building.

Some members have gotten so adept at using Social Media that they have started turn that brand recognition into sales. Two years ago we ran an article about Social Media Sales Success Stories where members did just that. Go back and read it here.

But even if you don’t buy the sales component of Social Media, there are still benefits to having a presence. One member I spoke to referred to Social Media as a “necessary evil.” They use the sites to improve their company site’s search engine rankings. And that’s something everybody can agree is important. Read this article to learn more about the SEO benefits of social networking.

For more tips about improving your website and SEO Strategy, watch this video from MHEDA Member Brian Bluff.

Once you have, connect with us on Twitter and Google+, join the MHEDA LinkedIn Group and Like us on Facebook!