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Why the Customer Experience Matters

By Steve Guglielmo

One thing that sets MHEDA members apart is their unyielding devotion to serving the customer.

When I first started working at The MHEDA Journal, the industry, indeed the whole country, was in the throes of a terrible recession. And the very first article that I ever worked on was the 2011 Distributor Forecast. As the editorial staff sat around and discussed our plan of attack for the forecast, my editor at the time suggested that we ask about how MHEDA dealers handle customers who were looking solely at the bottom line price.

I was blown away. You mean that in this time of recession, that our members weren’t the cheapest? How were they making money?

Well, I found out very quickly that there is a LOT more than just price to consider. And often, when you shop solely by looking at the bottom line, you get what you pay for. No, very often the members that I have spoken are not the cheapest. Sometimes, they’re even the most expensive product on the market.

But they still thrive. And I gradually began to learn, through extensive conversations with MHEDA members, that honesty, loyalty, dependability and a top-of-the-line product offering coupled with an intense devotion to top of the line customer service far exceeded the price considerations.

Last October, as I attended the MHEDA Parts and Service Management Conference, one presentation really drove that point home for me. Hal Ingram gave a presentation all about Why the Customer Experience Matters.

Not only did he put into words the vague concepts that had been kicking around in my head, he did so with a real-life, tangible example. Though I’m not a coffee drinker, even I know that Starbucks is King. And I also have heard about how much more expensive Starbucks coffee is than other coffee (notably McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts). So why are people willing to shell out so much more money for it? Is it that much better? That may be part of it, but as Hal explains an even bigger reason is because of the “Starbucks Experience.”

Check out this month’s MHEDA-TV video below to get a glimpse of what Hal talked about. It is well worth the time.