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Showing Your Value

By Steve Guglielmo

Last week I talked a lot about the customer experience and how MHEDA members provide the best value to their customers without always having the lowest price. There has been great response to that post on LinkedIn and Twitter and I really appreciate everybody who wrote in. We always appreciate hearing your comments and feedback to these posts!

Anyway, that post and those responses really got me thinking about the concept of “value.” It’s kind of a nebulous term, isn’t it? What exactly constitutes value? Obviously, it doesn’t have to mean the lowest price, as we saw last week.

Value means different things to different people. But, as the expression goes, “I know it when I see it.”

However, MHEDA has taken that one step further with their Most Valuable Partner (MVP) program. This program recognizes the distributors who have achieved, through documented processes, performance excellence in customer service, supplier relationships, employee training and community involvement. They deliver a superior customer service experience to the end-user.

This isn’t an award given to just anybody. There is a rigorous selection process that dealers must undergo before receiving the designation. Less than 30 MHEDA distributors have earned the prestigious designation in 2014.

So what is an MVP and why should you strive to be one? To answer that question, check out this short video that MHEDA-TV produced about the program.

But this kind of honor should not go unnoticed. MVP Status is recognized in various industry publications, your company will receive a press release for you to personalize and send to local press, MHEDA will send an announcement of your MVP status to up to ten of your customers (this information is not shared), an announcement is made at the MHEDA Convention while your company is given commemorative ribbons, a large sign listing MVP companies is displayed both at Convention and online, employees are given an MVP lapel pin to wear as well as MVP logo stickers for service vehicles equipment, etc. Finally, the MVP logo is made available for MVP companies to use on their website, proposals, letterhead, business cards and within marketing materials. It is a true “brand of excellence.”

So while we may know value when we see it, MHEDA wants to make it a little more visible for our best members. For more information about the MVP program as well as how to become eligible, click here.