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Finding The Next Generation of Workers

By Steve Guglielmo

Last week I wrote about the “skills shortage” in the industry and how many MHEDA members are turning to veterans to fill that skills gap. As I alluded to in that post, there are people who disagree about the severity of the skills shortage. However, I have spoken to several dealers who have lamented the lack of available young talent in our industry.

Last week, I spoke with two MHEDA members who last year hired full-time workers directly out of college. And how did they meet this new, young talent? At last year’s MHEDA Convention in Palm Desert, California.

That’s right, industry events, especially the MHEDA Convention, are a great way to find and connect with eager college students who are looking for jobs in our industry. This year, again, will have several Industrial Distribution programs represented at Convention from May 3-7 in Orlando.

As a matter of fact, MHEDA is deeply involved in trying to pair eager young talent with distributors and suppliers who are eager for it. Not only at Convention, but MHEDA also cosponsors Classroom Day at ProMat and MODEX (Wednesday, March 19 at MODEX in Atlanta), has a dedicated Career Center complete with resume bank on mheda.org, and produced this informational video that promotes Material Handling as a Career Choice.

If you’re struggling to find or attract young talent to your company, these resources could all help. If you’ve found success attracting young talent to your company, we want to hear how! Tweet @MHEDA_Journal and use the #MHEDA to tell us all about how you’ve been able to find success.