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@ Work: Writer

Name: Heather Angus-Lee
Company: EquipSoft
Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
Years On Job: 2

_atworkAs companies have begun to dabble with online technology and marketing automation they have come to the realization that content is king. Two years ago, my position didn’t even exist. My company realized that creating content that truly helps our customers understand and make better decisions when buying software is a value-add that many companies couldn’t compete with. In fact, my team calls me the “Roaming Reporter” at work! So for the past two years I have worked on expanding our digital footprint and building relationships with clients, associations and even prospects. Good content is no longer at the stage where it can be handled by interns. It isn’t something that everybody is trained to produce. But it is vitally important to today’s businesses because digital is forever. Whether you make a good or bad impression, it will stick around.

1. Prior Experience
While this is my first position in the equipment distribution industry, I do have extensive experience writing for manufacturing and technology trade publications. My background as a daily newspaper editor prepared me for tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. My journalism experience has also trained me to research very quickly, which has been important in my position at EquipSoft.

2. Starting From Scratch
My first year on the job was all about generating new content. We had a handful of case studies when I took this position, so I set to work interviewing customers and turning them into case studies for the website. I also wrote white papers, set up a company blog and opened social media accounts.

3. Lead Generation
With content in place, my focus started to shift to targeting it to the right people. I still produce content but now I have to make sure that it’s getting seen by our customers, our prospects and by trade publications. There has to be some ROI tied to what I do. If one of our salespeople is meeting with a client, we want them to say, “I recognize your company from Twitter or “I read an article you wrote in The MHEDA Journal.” If you raise awareness of your brand you can then start to convert that awareness into sales.

4. Social Media
The business case for Twitter is no longer speculative. It’s provable. Some people have called social media, specifically Twitter, a waste of time, but it’s really not if you know the right content to share and if you’re following the right people. You have to be mining content. There has been much less resistance to LinkedIn, because people see the networking benefits of it. Twitter offers those same benefits. It’s all relationship building, which is mutually beneficial to you and your customer. It helps get their message out while at the same time building your brand awareness.