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Going Back to Where It All Began

By Steve Guglielmo

I graduated college in May 2010 and started writing for The MHEDA Journal in September 2010. This job is literally the only “real” job I’ve ever had. I came out of school looking to write about sports and kind of fell into this career by accident. I didn’t even apply for it, it was a stroke of luck that my resume was found on Monster. My first day on the job, not only did I not know what MHEDA was, I didn’t even know what material handling was. I was as blank a slate as you can possibly imagine.

Now, I wasn’t expected to come in day 1 and start pumping out feature stories, but I was expected to get up to speed fairly quickly. That isn’t easy with an industry like ours. It was a bit like drinking out of a firehose. With that in mind, my editor at the time decided to schedule a tour at a local distributor’s office. I got the opportunity within my first week of writing for the magazine to go Liftech Equipment companies in Syracuse and not only see their facility but also ask questions to former MHEDA President Joe Verzino. After a week of scouring the internet and reading old issue of The MHEDA Journal, this was the first time I actually felt like I understood what MHEDA members did.

Now, four years later, I have the opportunity to go back to Liftech. On June 26, MHEDA and Liftech are hosting a Regional Networking Summit at Liftech in East Syracuse, NY. The summit is not only a chance to network with fellow members and get a tour of the Liftech facility but is also a learning experience. Come see the always incredible Brian and Eddie Bluff discuss Online Marketing ROI and Mattson Newell will be discussing Organizational Accountability.

This will be my first opportunity to attend one of these Regional Networking Summits but MHEDA members who have attended before have raved about them saying things like: “Good mix of big picture and personal application;” “First regional event I’ve attended, exceeded my expectations;” “Great way to hear about different things going on in the industry;” and many more. Click here to read more member testimonials.

Time is running out to register so if you’re interested in networking with fellow members and hearing from engaging and informative speakers for only $99 per person, click here to register. For a full agenda of events click here.

I’m so excited to attend this event. Not only is it an opportunity to see people I wouldn’t otherwise see, but it comes with a side of healthy nostalgia. See you there!