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Celebrate All Victories

By Scott Hennie, 2014 MHEDA President

“Celebrate All Victories!” This is a practice we employ at Elite Supply Chain Solutions. The celebration can be a simple, but subtle, “Thank you,” for the efforts of an individual or team member. The “victory” can be an order won, a process improvement, or a personal achievement.

This issue of The MHEDA Journal celebrates the victories of many manufacturer members and their distributor partners as well as the anniversaries of member companies. I think that this celebration confirms the value of strong distributor-manufacturer relationships as well as re-enforces the importance of strategic vision and planning.

As you look at the distributors who have been recognized by their manufacturer partners, take note at how many of those companies are MHEDA members. Along those lines, add up the number of years of successful business being celebrated by MHEDA member companies. I don’t believe this is because of luck or hopeful thinking, but the result of creative visions, strong planning, aggressive goals and flexible execution of business plans.

This summer, the MHEDA Executive Committee will meet to kick into high gear the Strategic Planning Process for the Association. In this meeting, we will discuss environmental conditions, business trends, industry trends and outside influences that could impact MHEDA and its members. We gather this information from a variety of sources, including: past and present MBOA members, industry publications, forecasts and information provided by member companies. If you have information that you think is significant to the Association or industry, please email or send it to the MHEDA office or any MHEDA Board member – we appreciate all the information we can gather prior to our meeting.

Once we’ve analyzed, dissected and debated the information, we develop the Critical Impact Factors (CIF’s). The CIF’s are then used by the four MHEDA Committees: Education, Membership, Networking and Member Advocacy, to develop the strategies and goals for the upcoming year’s programming and long-term strategies of the association.

The 2014 CIF’s can be found on the MHEDA website. The CIF’s are also made available to the entire membership to be used for their internal planning process. Along with the MHEDA Strategic Planning process, the CIF’s are used by many of the companies being celebrated in this issue to develop their strategic plans and yearly business goals.

You will have an opportunity to learn more about the 2015 CIF’s and how to use them to help build a strategy and business goals on September 25, 2014, when Mark Milovich and I present a webinar entitled, “Business Planning Insights for 2015.” Participants will learn how to use MHEDA’s Critical Impact Factors in developing their 2015 business plan and strategy and how Mark and I – and other MHEDA’s members are applying this information to their business plan.

Let’s set a MHEDA goal for 2015 – 100% of the manufacturer-honored distributors are MHEDA members! We can get there with creative visions, a proven planning process and utilizing the resources provided by MHEDA to set the tone and direction for 2015.

Congratulations to all the MHEDA members recognized in this issue. Your vision, commitment to planning and focused execution make you leaders in the industry. It is members like you that help MHEDA “make goods and cash flow since 1954!”




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