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Calling All Emerging Leaders and Future MHEDA-NET Members

By Josh Smith, Director of Sales & Operations, AK Material Handling Systems

What does it take to become an emerging leader and why do we need them? If you fast-forward 5 to 10 years, today’s emerging leaders will be running the industry and it’s critical that every company embraces these individuals and helps them grow to be the new faces of tomorrow.

By becoming an emerging leader, you are given the opportunity to network with other emerging leaders and peers that you can learn and grow from. The way we do business changes daily.

If you have drive and inspiration, want to educate yourself and want to meet some fantastic individuals, then the Emerging Leaders Conference on July 31 is for you.  You will build long-lasting business and personal relationships where you can offer and receive great value and knowledge in the material handling industry.

MHEDA needs emerging leaders who want to strengthen their management and leadership skills and advance their careers in material handling to bring new ideas to the Association.

A great way to get involved with MHEDA and promote yourself as an emerging leader is to join a MHEDA-NET group.  Will participating in these groups help me grow as an individual and within my company? The answer is unequivocally yes and we need more individuals that are passionate about what they do and are willing to add their input to the industry.

These groups allow you to share your passion about what you do and in return, network with industry peers, learn about their businesses and discuss industry trends, challenges and innovations with others who are experiencing the same things you are.

Since becoming an emerging leader and joining a MHEDA-NET group this past year, many doors and opportunities have opened up for me. My MHEDA-NET group, the Pace Setters, comprised of Linda Anlauf, Brian Neuwirth, Adam Wray and Eddie Murphy, has provided Team Building activities such as our first face-to-face meeting at MODEX 2014. Check out the video we made commemorating the event at http://vimeo.com/89948906.

I am passionate about networking, teaching and learning with others in the material handling industry and discussing challenges we are faced with daily. Using Social Media and MHEDA has really given me the opportunity to spread the word about MHEDA-NET so that others may be given the same opportunities I have been.

If you are interested in becoming a leader in our industry, I can’t recommend the Emerging Leaders Conference and MHEDA-NET highly enough._pacesetters