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Forecasting 2015

By Steve Guglielmo

growthI don’t know about you but I’ve gotten to that point in the election cycle where I’ve stopped watching TV. Political ads have gotten out of hand and the news is really no better. Since the recession started, I feel like all the news and pundits have asked is “When are we going to start to feel the recovery?” and “When will this slumping economy improve?” Last year, when I asked 2014 MHEDA Convention Speaker and world-renowned economist Alan Bealieu about this he almost laughed out loud. The truth is, we’ve seen the economy recover. And in the case of the material handling industry, it’s been quite a robust recovery.

Last year, I spoke to dozens of MHEDA distributors for the 1st Quarter issue of the magazine and every single company I spoke to expected to either maintain their 2013 sales in 2014 or improve. Many had seen record sales in 2013 and still expected to improve, often by dougle-digits. However, the majority of that growth was expected to take place in the first half of the year, as the second half was forecasted to see a small dip in the economy. I was extremely interested to hear what these companies felt was in store for 2015, with that in mind.

The short answer is: growth. The slightly longer answer is: lots of growth. Most companies I spoke to never felt that dip and even more saw record sales than last year. Of the 40 distributors I’ve spoken to so far, not one expect lower sales in 2015. Just on sees level sales. The other 39 all expect growth. So I’m happy to report that this Halloween is seeing more treats and tricks in our industry and that we’re in a strong position going into 2015 and beyond.

The 1st Quarter issue will be mailed out in early 2015.