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Setting the Pace

By Linda Anlauf

_pacesettersDoes meeting face to face for business and team building make a difference? It definitely does, and the PaceSetters proved it in Nashville Tennessee during their Inaugural “Set the Pace” meeting!

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) hosts a program called MHEDA-NET which fosters networking in small groups with members from like businesses. Through this program, the PaceSetters were born! Eddie Murphy from SpaceGuard Products, Josh Smith and Linda Anlauf from Wholesale Pallet Rack Products, Brian Neuwirth from Unex Manufacturing and Adam Wray from Nashville Wire meet monthly to review industry topics and share ideas.

And to step it up a notch, the PaceSetters experienced their Inaugural “Set the Pace” meeting in November, hosted by Adam at Nashville Wire. This meeting of the minds included a brainstorming session to set up goals and topics for 2015, a tour of two Nashville Wire plants and a team building tour of Nashville. Although the PaceSetters meet monthly via video conference, meeting in person made all the difference in becoming a closer team. The dynamics of having our brainstorming session around the same conference table made it more engaging. Having the time to listen and talk about each others business in detail helped us to understand how our daily tasks build the bigger picture. The plant tours brought light to different manufacturing processes and promoted discussions about the differences in each of our businesses. And finally, and but most important, our team building incorporated the individual not the business. This time allowed us to connect and get to know each other better on a more personal level. This is where relationship building really shines!

We are thankful to MHEDA for promoting MHEDA-NET, and we look forward to our monthly meetings and the next “Set the Pace” meeting!

If you need further information about MHEDA-Net, feel free to contact any one of us.