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MHEDA’s 2015 Board of Directors and Manufacturers Board of Advisors (MBOA)

This year’s MHEDA Convention theme is “Culture That Rocks” and throughout the four issues of the magazine this year we will be placing an emphasis on how you can get your business rocking and rolling. We asked MHEDA’s Board of Directors and MBOA members about what makes a material handling rock star, what rock star qualities their employees have and who their favorite bands are. See their responses and get to know this year’s Board and MBOA members as they prepare to help you in 2015.

Mark Milovich
MHEDA President
President, Lift Atlanta, Inc.
Decatur, GA

A material handling rock star is someone with the ability to find and offer cost-effective solutions to customers’ material handling problems. They are able to go in and learn a customer’s business, listen to their issues and then provide the right equipment for the job instead of just proposing the status quo.

Favorite Band: Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band

Scott Lee
MHEDA President-Elect
President, Conveyor Solutions, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL

A true material handling rock star has a never ending desire and ability to learn. Our industry, much like music, changes over time. Our rock stars must be aware of the change and embrace it at every turn. When you’re riding the wave of change, it requires taking risks. Successful people in our industry must be willing to take a risk, fall down, get back up, brush it off and learn from their mistake all while keeping a smile on their face!

Favorite Band: Zac Brown Band

Mark Juelich
MHEDA Treasurer
Chairman/CEO, American Warehouse Systems
Blaine, MN

A rock star in our industry requires perseverance, integrity and ingenuity. Our employees work hard to deliver application specific systems with an honest handshake and I am confident that AWS employees have all three of these rock star qualities.

Favorite Band: The Police/Sting

Buddy Smith
MHEDA Vice President
CEO, Carolina Material Handling Services
Columbia, SC

I believe a company that has a culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to strategic planning and workplace excellence is a rock star company. In order to do this, a company must participate in benchmarking and networking and ultimately become a real student of their business and industry.

Favorite Band: The Doobie Brothers

Scott Hennie
MHEDA Immediate Past President
President, Elite Supply Chain Solutions
Strongsville, OH

A rock star is someone who delivers exceptional performance, creates a loyal following and provides a memorable experience with every show they put on and every product they create. The same can be said for a material handling star, whether they perform on the frontline in sales or are supporting the team in engineering, project management or administration. Exceptional performance, loyal following and value with everything produced.

Favorite Band: U2

Al Boston
MHEDA Director
CEO, AK Material Handling Systems
Maple Grove, MN

A material handling rock star is made by the attitude that you are going to be the best at developing and using your specific talent. The theory of 10,000 hours working on your craft. Instead of hauling instruments and amplifiers all over the country, you are staying up late doing layout and designs, solving end-user problems with the best solutions. A rock star meets with customers and manufacturers to put the right words to the songs that keep the economy humming! A hit is usually the result of trying a lot of ideas that do not work and refining it to keep your successful style. A rock star makes it look easy but as everyone in the industry knows, it takes a lot to get and stay at the top of the charts.

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin

Doug Carson
MHEDA Director
VP of Marketing & Sales, Fallsway Equipment Company
Akron, OH

An undying commitment to customer service and a passion to maximize the customer’s equipment uptime while minimizing their total cost of ownership are qualities that a rock star possesses. Everyone at Fallsway has this commitment to excellent customer service. This is exemplified by urgency, honesty, integrity and reliability.

Favorite Band: Grateful Dead

Scott Larsen
MHEDA Director
President, R.H. Brown Co.
Seattle, WA

A rock star is different than just being part of a great band. A material handling rock star is the lead, the top performer that is validated by a loyal fan base, the customers. This is the person that does not feat lighting things on fire and blowing things up if that’s what it takes to excite the fans because that is what keeps them coming back.

Favorite Band: Motley Crue

Mark Nelson
MHEDA Director
President, Nelson Equipment Company
Shreveport, LA

It’s all about stage presence and the tool set that goes into drawing your audience in to the point where you are the center of their focus. The ingredients necessary for that stage presence are personality, stamina, intelligence, resourcefulness and preparation.

Favorite Band: Electric Light Orchestra

Daryle Ogburn
MHEDA Director
President, Advanced Equipment Company
Charlotte, NC

For a member of our sales team, a rock star is one who has the ability to work himself into the position of being an integral part of the customer’s team and has the ability to come up with creative solutions to solve customer problems or to handle customer opportunities. This rock star also has the special ability to work the project from inception to completion handling all the multitude of details resulting in a solution that wows the customer and is profitable for our company.

Favorite Band: The Eagles

Bill Ryan
MHEDA Director
President, LiftOne,
Charlotte, NC

A material handling rock star requires the creativity to conceive of a solution to solve your customer’s challenges and the competence to execute it properly. Neither quality is as useful without the other.

Favorite Band: The Police

Ted Springer
MHEDA Director
President, Springer Equipment
Birmingham, AL

A material handling rock star has the ability to maximize time and obtain the highest results in customer satisfaction while at the same time far exceeding his or her individual production goals. This takes talent, commitment and passion because without these qualities you just can’t be a star!

Favorite Band: The Eagles

Mike Vaughan
MHEDA Director
CFO, Liftech Equipment Companies
East Syracuse, NY

A rock star in material handling is someone who brings emotion, creativity and attitude to his or her company, coworkers and customers. Their motivation is often not completely driven by the monetary reward but by the desire to contribute to their community, company and customers. Like rock stars, this often includes many miles driven to help customers, late nights and early mornings.

Favorite Band: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Mike Wall
MHEDA Director
President, Container Systems Inc.
Westmont, IL

Long hair, ruined hotel rooms, sick guitar skills and out of control bar bills. Oh wait, a material handling rock star? Same thing except no guitar skills. Fortunately, none of our employees have those specific qualities. They care about each other, care about their customers and they’re good listeners, which makes them rock stars.

Favorite Band: The Rolling Stones

Chris Wetle
MHEDA Director
President, Pape Material Handling
Eugene, OR

A rock star is a person that has a vision of what they want to do, how they want to do it and a plan or specific action that will bring all those together to accomplish this vision. In the case of material handling, focus on share of market, human resources needed to get the result, training needed, capital available and the strong desire to share the vision and energy to make it all happen!

Favorite Band: Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band

Richard Donnelly
MHEDA Advisory Board
Executive Vice President, Gregory Poole Equipment Company
Raleigh, NC

I believe a material handling rock star is someone who has the drive, ambition and performs at a high level based on the requirements of his or hers job responsibilities. This applies to all positions in the material handling industry. The industry is changing and companies need to change their work culture to attract and retain the current and future rock stars. The rock star understands the customer’s pain and is embracing technology to provide better solutions. The material handling rock star thrives on challenges and wants the opportunity to prove themselves. Managers need to realize this, provide those opportunities and recognize and reward the rock star when they are accomplished.

Favorite Band: Chicago

Jerry Weidmann
MHEDA Advisory Board
President, Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp.
Brookfield, WI

A rock star is someone who is so passionate about the industry that their enthusiasm rocks everyone who encounters them. Rock stars are outliers. Their efforts and demonstrated performance exceed expectations and lead others in the profession. They lead by example.

Favorite Band: Emerson, Lake & Palmer


Doug Bouquard
MBOA Member
VP/GM Motive Power Sales, East Penn Manufacturing
Lyon Station, PA

A material handling rock star has a vision for the future, a passion for the industry and a humble willingness to share knowledge and experience with others to make the industry stronger. They also have the unique ability to have fun doing it! They have respect, trust and concern for fellow team members, a strong focus on building customer relationships based on trust and performance and the attention to detail to make sure a problem is solved right the first time.

Favorite Band: U2

Mark Neuwirth
MBOA Member
Executive VP of Business Development, UNEX Manufacturing
Jackson, NJ

A rock star has passion for providing cost-effective material handling solutions and the creative energy necessary to thrive in their field.

Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen

Milt Tandy
MBOA Member
VP of Sales, WireCrafters, LLC
Louisville, KY

A material handling rock star knows their products like a real rock star knows his instruments. They enjoy working with customers like a rock star works with the audience. If you know your products and enjoy your customers, success will come.

Favorite Band: The Eagles

Brett Wood
MBOA Member
President & CEO, Toyota Material Handling North America
Columbus, IN

A rock star will have several qualities that make them stand out in a crowd. Among them are the ability to carefully listen to the customer, assess their needs and then propose the best solutions to help the customer be more productive. A material handling rock star also needs to be well-prepared for any changes that customers may bring forward and be willing to adapt to our ever-changing industry. Therefore, rock stars need to be flexible, creative, good listeners and always respectful of their customers.

Favorite Band: The Police