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Recognizing Your Rockstars

By Steve Guglielmo

Do you remember those Intel – Sponsors of Tomorrow commercials from 2009? The ones featuring Ajay Bhatt, the co-inventor of the USB? If you don’t remember, do yourself a favor and visit this link (http://bit.ly/1EHJquw) for a refresher.

I had completely forgotten about this commercial until Josh Smith from WPRP – Wholesale Pallet Rack emailed me last year to pitch a potential article topic for The MHEDA Journal. He proposed doing an article about “Material Handling Rock Stars” saying, “I think everyone is a rock star. Material handling as lots of them. I like the idea of getting other companies to submit who their rock stars are. The bottom line is, everyone in MHEDA is a rock star and we don’t have to sing or play guitar to be one.”

Wow, what an amazing idea! Each issue of the magazine has a “theme” to it. The first quarter issue is always the forecast issue, the second is the Convention issue, the third is the recognition issue and the forth is the Sales Success issue. After Josh emailed me, I called AnnaMarie Kendall at MHEDA to bounce the idea off of her and figure out what an article like that would look like. And unbelievably, she said to me, “Our Convention theme for 2015 is going to ‘Culture that Rocks.’ We’re doing an entire rock star theme.” What an amazing coincidence!

But to put an article like that together, I am going to need help from the MHEDA membership. Like Josh said, everybody has rock stars in their company, even if they don’t strut around and sign autographs like Ajay Bhatt (or hey, maybe though do, in which case more power to them.) We’re asking you to think about who at your company is a rock star and email them to sguglielmo@naylor.com by April 23, 2015.

Who at your company is a rock star that deserves some recognition? We would love to talk to them for our 3Q issue. They can be anybody from the president on down through the company.

For MHEDA, 2015 is the year of the rock star. Coming off of a MHEDA Convention that is sure to rock your socks off, we want to talk to your rock stars and get them the publicity that they deserve. So email us and tell us who rocks and why they rock so hard. And in the mean time, for those about to rock, we salute you!

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